Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Getting Deep

I met a couple once. I was working for an architectural and engineering firm in Las Vegas. I was a single mom at the time. It just so happened that I had a weekend off because my son was spending it with grandma and grandpa. This guy worked as a temp where I worked. He invited me to go out with his girlfriend and him for the night. I acquiesced.
So, this couple we'll call Jeff and Renee pick me up and we head out to a cafe, then a meal on the cheap and end up at one of their parents' houses - who apparently were out of town for the weekend, score. They lived in some ridiculously small apartment and of course so did I.
Well, one starry night, a couple of wads of green weed and a pipe led to some interesting conversation in which I was cornered into hearing the sordid but romantic story of how Jeff became disenchanted with his current girlfriend when he met Renee and just had to leave her to be with Renee but Renee being the ever upright citizen (um ok) made him tell his ex girlfriend the truth (wha?).
At this point Jeff becomes visibly uncomfortable and indicates he wants her to stop the story. Ah the glories of love. She finishes the story anyways and he proceeds to tell me that she talks too much, a fault she's working on with her therapist. Which of course pisses her off because why would you want anyone to know you're seeing a therapist, but then why would you want anyone to know you cheated on your ex and then left her for the current girl?
I'm bewildered at this point and stoned, so you can imagine I could not think of a single intelligent thing to say. In the ensuing argument between them about these provocative reveals, they decide not to talk to each other any more. And there we sat in a bummed out, ruined high of a silence. We decide to go to bed.
What do you think happens next? Well about a half hour into my rather uncomfortable sleep, I hear my door being knocked on and enters Jeff. Oh shit.
He wants to be with me. He can't stay with Renee. He has fallen in love with me and cannot stand it anymore. (Translation I'm a repeat offending jerk and want to get in your pants.) I am completely disgusted by this obviously unoriginal act and tell him to go back to his girlfriend who, if he remembered correctly, he had promised to stay with after having left a different girl. He slunk away in sheepish quiet and I slept with one eye open.
I find it funny when people talk a good game of deeply philosophical uprightness and then fail miserably to live it. (Not that I'm perfect at this stuff of course, but hey, we're not really talking about me anyways right?)


Daisy said...

What always amazes me is their ability to rationalize it to themselves. They haven't broken their "code" -- they were forced to it or it was the other person's fault or, etc.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jeez. I hate getting stuck with people.

meno said...

Wow, what a tool.

But i'm sure you deprived this poor man of his one true opportunity for true love.

*hacking up a hairball now*

d-man said...

I totally thought this story was going some place else... :)

Clowncar said...

When I was a kid, we once took a weekend vacation with our next door neighbors to an A-frame up in the mountains. We left, rather hurriedly, in the middle of the night on Saturday.

I found out a decade later from my Dad they had asked my parents to "swing."

My parents were not amused.

jaded said...

This could have been titled Into the Hilt

Dick said...

See, truth can be stranger than fiction although it might all be ammo for a writer. You have an interesting and different life experience to incorporate in some story in the future.

Maggie said...

Daisy, I know! And he was so philosophical about life. It baffled me completely.

De, yeah that was a mistake I learned not to repeat ever! Always have your own transportation with people you do not know well.

Meno, I nearly projectiled that hairball at him. But you're probably right, I'm sure he is still pining away about me instead of having met the next girl of his dreams and moved on to her. Cha.

D-Man, you are bad. But that's why we like you. Well mostly why.

Clowncar, oh jeez, with the kids around? Now that's bold. And icky.

Jaded, I'm still giggling.

Dick, that's true. Imagine being him and reading that story - of course it probably would just feed his ego on some weird level.

Tink said...

Wow. What a dog! Why don't people like that SEE that they're in the wrong?