Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I found my bellybutton!

I've been gathering a lot of Moss. Lack of inertia rushed in like a broken dam and flooded my days. Standing still has not kept me from working. Physical work demands constant attention, seasonal jobs have drawn my sweat like snake poison. But the mental satisfaction of any of it has been absent. Unhappy? Depressed? I don't feel so.
Inside my family I've been expressive, silly and focused. Children have had nearly undivided attention during the days. The onset of Spring and Summer weather has triggered annual emotions of hope and visions of gardening grandeur.
But coming here has been a chore. The desire is there. I miss your words, the giggle inducing quips. I am aware of an awakening on the brink. Drawn deeply inward, my thoughts have all but exhausted the energy for personal analysis. "I set my mind in motion" and force my feet into daylight.


Anonymous said...

I think I left mine next to the coffee maker & now it's getting cold. I have to leave the house to drop of Lorenzo and Pepper (grandmother and groomer, respectively) just so I can hurry back here to meet my mother and do some planting. I don't wanna. I want to go back to bed for seventy days and wake up and have it still be May, the beautiful, blossoming sweet month of May.

I am running out of days in the color project I've been doing on my blog and I can see that writer's block is still lurking in the shadows by the lamppost at the end of the street. I see you! I shout, but it's just a shadow after all.

jaded said...

Life interferes with blogging and blogging interferes with life. Such is the way of the world.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

always happy to know what you are up to, what you are cooking :)

meno said...

Try hunting a little lower than your belly button. That might bring you out of your funk.

-the always helpful meno

Cheesy said...

Amen @ jade and LOL @ meno!

I am finding it hard to make time to truly get into my thoughts also... but I am trying. So hard to sit still when the world is awakening outside!

Maggie said...

De, better left as a shadow. Have you done puce? Lime? Magenta? I should go check.

Jaded, double true.

Gary, I updated my menu just for you!

Meno, aha! That does work better.

Cheesy, I find the disjointedness of physically needing to move but my mind sitting still taxing. Maybe its just spring.

Anonymous said...

Spring's been so busy that I keep forgetting to see how I'm feeling. My doctor told me once that the two most common times of year for depression patients to change their meds is both Fall and Spring.

I think with the constant diet of doom and gloom (War! Famine! Pestilence! Unemployed Bankers! Recession! Depression! Recovery! Oops, No Recovery Yet!), that it's harder than ever for someone to recover very well.

Irrelephant said...

"I set my mind in motion." Sounds like the Mentat mantra from Dune. *s* Sometimes it's awfully easy to slip down that long slope, isn't it?