Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maggie Moss....Come On Down!

I have a confession.

I am a game show addict. Not reality shows game shows, I mean your Bob Barker Price is Right type. When we had TV channels flowing in to our wires, I loved watching those games on HGTV where a couple would have to guess the price of a house and if they were right they won it. Or, Ben Stein's Money. But my absolute favorite, now don't shoot me, was Wheel of Fortune. I just couldn't help myself. I love the show and I was invariably better than any of the contestants. Of course, I wasn't in front of a camera, live audience and standing next to competitive spellers.

Family Feud. That was so much fun. And I really like Louie Anderson. The original host was kinda smarmy.

I never much got into Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but I did love watching Alex Trebek and his Jeopardy.

Do you guys remember the Gong Show? There's an oldie.

Oh, and I loved both versions of Whose Line Is It Anyways, which was really more of a comedic show, but always side splitting.

Yeah, I miss the shows. Sometimes.

Any of you have strange TV addictions?


jaded said...

Currently not addicted to TV. I used to like watching The Price is Right when I was on summer break, then I couldn't decide if Bob Barker was really an animal advocate, (Help control the pet population...) or a pervert (the harassment suite with one of the models?)

Anonymous said...

Even though I haven't watched it for years, I mourned a bit when I learned the The Guiding Light was ending this September.

Anonymous said...

I loved watching Price is Right when I was home from school as a kid. Easy one to play along with.

I do remember the Gong Show .. :-)

Strange TV addictions? No, not really. We probably watch too many cop shows (Law & Orders, CSI, Mentalist), though. I could sit in front of History Television all day, though. :-) That and Scream, the scary movie channel.

Daisy said...

So, I guess y'all are too young for "Let's Make a Deal", eh?

meno said...

Along with the elderly Daisy (who is younger than me,) my favorite thing about staying home sick from school was watching "Let's Make A Deal." I vowed to always carry a hard-boiled egg in my purse.

Now i am addicted to Project Runway, which is currently in hiatus, but will return in August.

Clowncar said...

Reruns of Seinfeld.

Rocky and Bullwinkle (which comes on at like 4 a.m., but it's Tivo'ed).

30 Rock. I gotta thing for Tina Fey. My wife approves.

Cheesy said...

House and CSI.... can't get enough! I too am a Jeopardy junkie~

Tink said...

When I was laid off (Hoop was already jobless), Hoop and I formed a morning habit of making coffee, checking for jobs and then settling down for Family Feud and The Price Is Right. Hoop starts his new job on Tuesday and I'm a little sad that we won't have that routine anymore.

Dick said...

Do you remember the $64,000 Question? I am really old. I suppose of the current crop of weekly shows the one I like best is NCIS although in reality I really like watching the news the best. And movies are still fun, either from the cable or on DVD.

Nancy Dancehall said...

The Price is Right was the best!

The Addams Family. I have them memorized. Comfort TV for me.