Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tempting the Tongue

I want to talk about food. Because it encompasses my universe.

In a budget conscious time, we still want our gourmand palate satisfied. By we I am of course referring to my husband and I. As far as the kids are concerned the following meals are all they could ever need:

macaroni and cheese
hot dogs
grilled cheese
ice cream

And I am all too happy to oblige since these meals fit quite easily into a tight budget. But for us (the foodie two of the family) I've been finagling. For instance, I found a salmon flank on sale for half price. Whip up a lemon thyme marinade, grill that sucker and add in a light summer salad with grapefruit juice vinaigrette (have I mentioned this is my new addiction?) and voila! C'est magnifique. (Practicing French never hurts - especially when referring to food)

Another great mouth melter: One of our favorite vegetable sides happens to be a spring veggie and therefore found at wonderful prices right now. Asparagus, my second love. Prep these guys up, cut in 1 to 2 inch pieces, douse with a balanced amount (read: not drowning but coated) of olive oil, sprinkle with about a tablespoon of sea salt, toss to mix and throw in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes and ooh baby have you got something.

Foodie Faux Pas: do not under any circumstances buy medallion steaks at half off nearing their expiration date and expect to actually make steaks with them. Nope. You could cut the meat and use it for stew or something, but the idea of them being good steaks equals total mistake. Ugh. To call it tough would be a compliment.

Ice Cream. What else can you say? Except perhaps Homemade Ice Cream. Oh yeah. I've wanted an ice cream maker for at least four years. I finally broke down and bought one. I am giving the no rock salt variety a try. Yesterday I whipped up a batch of Creamsicle Cake Mix Ice Cream - my own creation. The oohs and aahs have it. Two thumbs up and here comes a summer of frozen fun.

Foodie Quip: you never realize just how much you need a whisk until you haven't got one. Rue? Gravy? Sauces? Good luck.


Anonymous said...

A proper kitchen can never have too many whisks, wooden spoons or rubber/silicone spatulas. No matter what the spouse says. ;-)

meno said...

400 degrees for 30 minutes? Do they need to be tossed about during that time?

-asparagus lover

Maggie said...

Gordo, I'm really suffering without mine.

Meno, no tossing, but I try to put them in a pan where they can be spread in one layer. We like ours crisp so check them till they are your desired doneness. (Sometimes mine go a little longer than 30). I used to hate asparagus because I'd always been served them over steamed and soggy. Never that way again!

Daisy said...

Is that where "rue the day" comes from?

D-Man said...

Great. Now I'm hungry. But I have to wait for guests to turn up. Bah.

jaded said...

Our local open market is in full swing, local produce, and local products. Spring is good! This week sweet corn has been on the menu several times.

Maggie said...

Daisy, you're probably right! All those french chefs trying to whip up a rue and no whisk. Ah the tears.

D-Man, did you survive? Now I'm hungry too.

Jaded, ooh I'm jealous. We won't be having corn (grown local from this year's crops) till August/September. But oh is it ever worth waiting for!

Cheesy said...

I love my new ice cream maker.. kids got it for me and a bens and jerrys book!