Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Little Bot Lady's Maids

You know that self-clean button on the oven that does wonders for all those sticky spills? I just love that. And I was thinking, how wonderful it would be to have a self cleaning body. Like maybe little nanobots could do all your grooming at night while you sleep: washing, washing the hair (maybe using some fantastic futuristic dry chemical shampoo and conditioner specified to your hair type of course), removing all unwanted hairs. It'd be great to wake up all fresh and ready to go.


Bread day is back! I had given up (once again! I think I'm now on round 4) trying to please my family with homemade bread. I can hear the gasp of hundreds (ok all 8 of you) thinking who in their right mind wouldn't like homemade bread? Well, let me tell you, these are toast people. If it isn't perfectly light and full of delicious little holes then it just isn't good enough. Homemade bread tends to the denser side. At least it did until this:

They have a recipe for American White Bread which is basically your toast-lovin'-holey-white-bread bread. And it works. I made the most light, fluffy, airy, holey bread I've ever seen yesterday. And homemade bread is back on the menu! Not to mention easing the budget - as in about 20 cents per loaf as opposed to 2.40 per store loaf.


I've been using my typewriter to write my book. I can't resist the sound it makes and the feel of the smooth black keys. The strength it takes to push the keys enough to show a letter makes me take my time and that in turn fosters well thought out sentences. Glorious words have been issuing forth from my speed-decreased brain. Of course, I then have to transcribe what I wrote into the computer, but the glory of that is I can do a quick edit as I go. Yeah, I love my typewriter.


Anonymous said...

I've got to find that book! wait... Gimme a minute to think this through. I finally got my family off white bread. The next challenge is to get the kids ON water. But cheap bread is appealing. The loaves we buy are closer to $4.00 each. Nauseating really. Too sickened to eat a sandwich.

I'm not even going to think too much about the bots because my sleep would be disturbed. And I'm already disturbed enough.

Maggie said...

De, this book is full of great recipes that ARE much healthier than white bread. I'm working to transition my picky toast people to better bread, this is my start. Check it out. Its a unique way of making bread, saves a lot of time.

meno said...

I would love to have nanobots that cleaned my teeth in the night. It would be much nicer to engage in morning kissing.

Maggie said...

Meno, wow, excellent point. I'd so want it for that!

Nancy Dancehall said...

oooo....nanobots to iron out my crowsfeet! I'm all over that.

Yay typewriter! Whatever gets you to the story.

God, that bread looks good.

Irrelephant said...

This is the sort of thing that I miss when I go a'wandering. *sigh* Nanobots leaving my breath minty-fresh overnight and fresh bread. Ye gods I've missed you guys!

Cheesy said...

So where's the recipe?? lol

nanobots to pluck hair.. AWESOME idea!

D-Man said...

I'm thinking how wonderful it would be to have a self-cleaning oven.
Also, yes, wish I still had my old skool typewriter.

Magpie said...

I need that book.

I also love that you still have a typewriter.

Clowncar said...

How nice you are writing on a typewriter.

Trivia: what's the longest word can you spell using only the first row of letters on the typewriter keyboard?

Hint: you used the word in your post.

Maggie said...

Nancy, still clicking away on the typewriter - two more short stories completed!

Irrelephant, we've missed you too. And your personal nanobots have been bored without you.

Cheesy, check here: Master Recipe. This isn't the white bread one, but with this recipe you can make all kinds of things - pitas, round loaves, bagettes, oh my mouth is watering again.

D-Man, no kitchen should be without a self-cleaning oven. It is a miracle from the gods!

Magpie, thanks. Truth be told I bought it just this spring, but how I love it. I will NEVER part with it.

Clowncar, without getting the typewriter out I'm guessing it's TYPEWRITER. Just a guess.

Tink said...

I love that you're using a typewriter! I used to have one. But unfortunately, I make too many mistakes to have made it a useful device. :)

Maggie said...

Tink, my big secret: I make a ton, I mean TON of mistakes with mine, but since I transcribe everything to the computer anyways, I let it go. All in the name of creative process.