Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What have I become?

You know, I used to be funny here. I went back and read this post and this one too. I'm wondering why I haven't been so fun anymore? In an odd twist of irony, I'm being superfun in real life, but seem to be expending it all there. Not that that's bad, but I liked being fun here. I like it when you guys are fun (you know you are always). And because the gods are cruel and laugh at us, reading me being funny made me very sad. Sad that I've lost a little of that here.

Last year seemed mostly a whirlwind of politics and fervent passion. Reinvention and reacquaintence with the not depressed me. And in all that wildly swinging emotion, I suppose here became a place to play it safe. I'm glad you guys have stuck around. Even while I've been a boring stiff.

And the poetry? This one has been fairly killing me inside. The creative writing (short stories and novel work) is going great. But the poetry is gone gone gone. That has been such an integral part of me all my life, I feel a gaping wound where it used to lodge in my heart. I must try to find that voice again. I must try to find this wordy girl again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Humerus

I have some news. I have a new man in my life. He sort of burst onto my scene all of a sudden. He has wonderful insight, great intelligence and he's quite engaging. I love the way he picks up on everyday things and makes them seem so wild and strange. He makes me laugh and laugh. Let me share a little of his humour:

Seriously, we bought two of his videos and we were crying from laughing so hard. I think it's his combination of wit and physical demonstration. Plus he's very clean, no swearing. Don't get me wrong, we have Lewis Black videos and if you've never watched him, be prepared for swearing every other word. We're not adverse to swearing comics, it's just fun to watch something without having to wait for kids to fall asleep.

We used to love watching Comedy Central and the Comedy Network. Finding a new comedian worth his salt was always fun. So, any comedians you'd recommend?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What I did for my summer vacation

Hi there.

Remember me? Sure you do, it's only been a month. Where in the heck did my month go?

Here's a little bit of it:

We had a hat party.

And this young man

turned 13!