Saturday, August 15, 2009

What I did for my summer vacation

Hi there.

Remember me? Sure you do, it's only been a month. Where in the heck did my month go?

Here's a little bit of it:

We had a hat party.

And this young man

turned 13!


Dick said...

Welcome back! Don't stay away so long next time, okay? It looks like you have been busy doing family things and that should give you some things to blog about.

Nancy Dancehall said...


meno said...

Oh that last picture is precious.

Good to hear from you. I love hats.

Gordo said...


Ahem. Nice summer. :-)

jaded said...

The ice cream looks really good.

Maggie said...

Dick, I'm so glad to finally feel drawn here again! It was so much fun reading all your blogs again.

Nancy, lady I've missed you and where the heck is that JALL you promised? =)

Meno, she's turning out to be as photogenic as B. And so adorable.

Gordo, 'the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated'. Up until about three days ago it was a wonderful summer, and now isn't too shabby although we're melting here in 90F and 80 - 90% humidity. Phlah.

Jaded, home made I might add. Want some? I'm not that far away you know.