Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cheap Date

First, forgive me for being non-existent. Truly you must. For no other reason than I said so. I am trying to get around the block here so look for my shining face on your blogs soon.


We are trying to be frugal. We have just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. This would be the non-secret wedding. Heh. We didn't want to go out, because that would require babysitters which is either money or inconveniencing family. So it was to be an in-house date. Problem is, we do those rather frequently, so we wanted to make it a bit more special. Then I got a brilliant idea. (Read somewhat out of the norm but not that spectacular, heh.)

First we decided to cook dinner together because we rarely get to do that. We went whole hog with candlelight and wine. We made one of our favorite meals: steak tartare. We coupled that with absolutely delicious home fries sauced up with the sauce in this recipe: L'Entrecote Steak with Mustard Sauce. Add in a little candy and cookies at the end and we had a virtual culinary heaven.

For entertainment: this is where I get all 'out of the box' ha ha. I made it a Wii date. We don't own a Wii. I borrowed my sister-in-law's Wii and we played together for hours. Free entertainment, goofy fun over wine. Oh yeah.

It was a lovely evening to remember all our evenings thus far. Six years married, seven together, seems like a flash in the pan. Looking forward to more cheap dates.


Wine: 12.00
Steak: 9.40
Potatoes: 1.00 (at most)
Mustard Sauce: 1.00 (at most)
Candy: 6.00
Cookies: 2.50
Wii: free!

Total cost of Cheap Azz Date: 31.90

Think about a nice dinner out and entertainment afterwards. Much much more. Can you hear the pride? Sometimes being cheap can be good. And believe me, it was romantic.


flutter said...


Gordo said...

Yay for cheap, fun dates!

Anonymous said...

sounds just great.

My MIL comes over on Saturdays to put the kids to bed, and as grateful as I am for a chance to get out, there are times that I'd like to be able to be at home with my husband, alone, and not so tired all we want to do it sleep.

My daughter has been lobbying for a Wii, and my husband indicated he's leaning toward it, but I don't think we need to own one. I think your plan to borrow it was genius.

jaded said...

Brilliant date idea! We do date night sometimes, not because of kids, but it is so easy to get stuck in a rut.

I went back and forth between getting a wii or an elliptical trainer. After playing with my sister's kids, I opted for the wii. I use it for workouts 5-6 times a week, and me and the better half play games 3-5 times a week. For us it has been good fit.

Dick said...

Cheap and romantic doesn't have to be expensive. If you farm the kids out to their Grandparents for the night, then you two have the run of the house. Naked, if you want to (don't forget to close the blinds!)