Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Feel So Reused

So I started a crusade a while back to get this family on a more green road. The first thing I sacrificed was my swiffers. I stopped using it all together until I discovered that a felted wool sweater, cut just the size of my swiffer mopper head works like a charm. No throw away pads, one happy swiffer. (I don't use the bottles anymore since they are not refillable - I just hand spray my homemade cleaner as I go).

Then I gave up my disposable toilet cleaner heads. This was difficult for me. The convenience of it coupled with the absence of yucky toilet brushes hanging around had me in love with these things. But, I had to admit they were just not right. So, since I refuse to have those disgusting toilet brushes around, I bought myself rubber gloves (that I reuse - so far one pair in 6 months) and I use a rag and that's it. The rag is washable, the gloves get washed after each use and there I am, clean bathroom no yucky toilet water covered brush.

Then we switched to cloth napkins. What a great thing this is. I love it. No waste. The extra laundry it causes is so minimal, it's ridiculous. We use the napkin several days as long as it isn't yucky with food stuffs. So I'm not even doing extra laundry every day. Ha.

I've switched to laptop lunch boxes (bento style and BPA free) for the lunches to eliminate baggies. Another crutch of mine. We use containers and I'm in the middle of making reusable sandwich wraps like this

--picture from

and reusable lunch bags and snack bags like this.

--picture from

My goal for this year is to have all of us eating no waste lunches. Yeah!

Repurposing has been a real adventure. We've repurposed furniture like these. Remember this?

Now it looks like this!

Note the change from insanely grass green and blue walls to soft lemony yellow. Mmmm.

I've been goofing around with altering clothes for fun and here is a project I did recently. My mother gave me that brown shirt and it was so huge I figured it would be only suitable as a nightgown. But I liked the picture on it and I remembered I had another shirt that didn't fit well that I'd been planning to alter, so I combined them. I love hoodies. This was a fun project.

Now if I could get myself weaned from freezer zip bags, I'd have quite a few vices exorcised. Muahahaha.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

I wash and reuse my zipper bags, except when I have PMS. Then I slam dunk them in the trash can.

meno said...

smiling at de!

You are a paragon. Butt one thing i refuse to give up is toilet paper.

Irrelephant said...

MAD green skillz! I'm so proud of you!

jaded said...

I am trying but skills lie with using items on the exterior of the home more than the interior, but the compost pile has reduced our curbside waste tremendously.

Maggie said...

De, I love your PMS reaction. I tried this, I do it when I can, but it is such an annoying process.

Meno, I've heard of people using cloth for this purpose and laundering them. I can't go there.

Irrelephant, thank you. Learning to modify, customize, repurpose, has been one of the most fun things I've done in the past few years.

Jaded, I blush to admit that though I have a compost pile, I haven't been using it. I'd like to say it's because we eat everything, but I'd be lying.