Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mommy's Nerves

They had their first day of preschool.

They got themselves dressed and looked appropriately adorable.

There was a small negotiation. G consented to leaving his blankie behind.

Dragging backpacks practically as big as themselves, they bounded into the car with all kinds of chatter about new friends and toys and stories and coloring.

Mom however took the time to remind them of the rules. And her head was swimming with anticipation. Would they cry? Would they get along with the other kids? Would they use their French? Would they listen to their teachers? Would they participate? Would they make friends? Would they have fun?

That is a lot of would.

All three arrived at the preschool and before Mom had barely 10 seconds to say good-bye, they ran into their classroom and never looked back. Mom stood watching for just a few seconds, then forced herself into the car and drove home still going over her woulds.

At home, Mom tried to work. Tried to write. She did ok. But every noise in the house made her jump and then she'd think about her minions and their day. The time that she thought would fly too fast, took longer than that. Finally she was able to jump in her car and go back to her 'not babies'.

Each child is called and allowed to come running through the door to their parent, one at a time for safety. Mom's twins were called. Only one came out. G had donned his coat and shoes and promptly sat back down to color some more. He was torn from his fun and reluctantly joined Mom.

"I want to stay at school" he whined. Mom was delighted. What a relief. Teacher informed Mom, the day was A Number One Aces. Whew.

All the way home, G and W talked and talked over each other telling Mom about the story they heard, the page they colored, the toys they played with.

Awww, now Mom worries about time, and how fast it will speed by.


Anonymous said...

Oh, they're so TALL!

Today is Lorenzo's first day. He seemed OK. I fought back a tear or two on the ride home, but for myself, not him. I hate going back home to the empty house and the drudgery that awaits. Hah, thank God for teh internets.

So glad your (not so) little ones had a great time. That makes everything so much better.

mamatulip said...

It speeds by SO FREAKIN' FAST. Make it stop!

Gordo said...

Oh, boy. Can it really be 8 years since I did this for the first time with my oldest? He had the decency to go bonkers when I tried to leave, so I would up sneaking out. His little brother was like your twins: "Bye, Dad!" and off he went.

Clowncar said...

Nice post. Time is a wind in your face.

I love the phrase "That is a lot of would."

egan said...

They've grown a lot since I was last around here. I've been hearing about lots of kids starting school and how nervous the parents are about the kids. Seems the kids are just fine and it's the parents who might need some support. I'm relieved to hear it went well.

So did they use their French? This is going to be a great time for their language skills to develop rapidement!

Schmoopie said...

Speaking as a preschool teacher who has witnessed this over and over, you did very well! As a mommy, I know how hard it is to let them go!

The fact that they were chatting to you about their day shows a great amount of trust and strong bond with their mommy. Well done!

Cheesy said...

You didn't cry? Gawd I am a wimp.....

Did they keep the kids in the same class?

meno said...

I may have cried a little for you. They are so little and so capable.

Dick said...

That experience was many years ago for me. It is great that they like school as it will make doing well so much easier. I hope they continue to have good teachers so that attitude can be nourished and will go on all through their years of schooling. It sure sounds like they are off to a good start!

Maggie said...

De, I didn't like the empty house either.

Mamatulip, I tried making a rule that there would be no growing up, but they just won't listen to me.

Gordo, every one different eh? G has been kind enough to cry when I pick them up and then take them to the babysitter. =)

Clowncar, thank you. I hate it when my mind spins like that. It can give me headaches. but I survived all the would.

Egan, yes their french is improving in leaps and bounds. W is still more quiet about it but she's using french a lot more now.

Schmoopie, thank you. That means a lot. I would have been so sad if they hadn't told me all the things they were experiencing.

Cheesy, I fought back a tear, but to be honest, there's a part of me that needed this too. I wanted them separate but we just couldn't juggle the schedule since it's only a half day preschool. Next year in kindergarten they will definitely be separated.

Meno, I'm having a hard time really letting it sink in sometimes. They are almost in grade school. When I started writing here, they were barely six months old.

Dick, yes I think I was most nervous that they would like it, because you are so right. It makes a huge difference in their success. They are doing awesome.