Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hatboxes and Mini Bars

When my parents visited a little over a year ago, my mother bought the twins each a little suitcase. We were about to embark on a vacation to the ocean and she wanted them to have their own little cases. They adored them. They often used them for overnight visits to Mami and Papi's house here (paternal grandparents). But they were big box store cheap plasticy things. Which means they barely lasted that year and now have tears in them. A shame really. Of late I'm a little more adverse to plastic and big box mainly because it feeds the landfills. Then I saw this:

Going to Grandma's wherein a crafty woman took a really ugly old suitcase and made it all cute.

(Picture from

That's when the hair crawled up my butt. Sooo, for my daughter, I started with this little case I bought at a flea market for $5:

and ended with this:

Total cost ran me about $8 - the suitcase plus the strap, a pillowcase for the interior and pieces of a sheet for the exterior all bought at the second hand store.

For my son, I recently found this at the second hand store.

I paid $3 for it. It was a traveling mini bar. I'm going to be giving it a bit of a boyish makeover. This time I'm using fabrics all ready in my stash so the cost is basically the cost of the suitcase itself woo hoo!

Man I love this stuff. It's so fun to make a transformation like that. And of course the romantic side of me pictures my little minions toting their adorable suitcases up to Grandma's house with a big beaming grin. Awwwww.


Anonymous said...

So cute, you clever woman.

Little kids do love their suitcases, don't they? Mine will pack them up and move around the house.

I have a hideously ugly pea green suitcase that could use a makeover. But I must say, this does not look like a beginner project, not if it's supposed to stand up to actual use.

jaded said...

Those are very cute, and eco-conscious.

Years ago I saw a talk show, and they featured ordinary people doing different things to make a difference in the lives of others. One boy, maybe 9 or 10 years old, had a suitcase drive to collect old luggage for foster kids. Kids were getting shuffled from house to house with frequency, few had their own luggage, so in a pinch social workers were pu their belongings in garbage bags (because they were convenient and cheap) to quickly get the kid to the next home. The kid who collected the cases said that sent the wrong message to kids who already felt like they were unwanted. So he collected the cases too give them a little dignity.

meno said...

But...but...where is the finished picture of the second suitcase???

Those are so cute, and what a great idea.

Maggie said...

De, I wouldn't call myself advanced but I suspect I may need to make repairs to these from time to time. You should give it a try with your hideous suitcase - it's basically decoupage on the outside and hot glue gunning the fabric on the inside.

Jaded, that is a beautiful story. It makes me want to make a ton of these and send them to a local social services center. And it made me tear up a little too.

Meno, you know I would do anything for you!

Dick said...

A very good idea! And you've done it well.

Gina said...

Those are adorable - you did a great job. I always WANT to do stuff like that, but never quite get around to it.