Thursday, October 22, 2009

Insurance to do your job?

phone call:

Sales Lady: we have domain name safety feature for only $10 which ensures that when your domain name is coming up for expiration, we won't ever lose your domain for you. You know, in case your credit card information isn't up to date or we can't put the transaction through.

Me: so, does this mean that if something were to happen and the transaction couldn't be completed you wouldn't try to contact me?

Sales Lady: Oh noo, of course we would try to contact you but what if you're not home? what if you're busy with the kids say...this just makes sure that for a whole year we won't lose your domain name

Me: I'd like to think that your customer service is of the quality that you would actually contact me to resolve any problems.

Sales Lady: Oh we're number one on the internet but you just never know what kind of things can happen, or if we try for an extended amount of time and can't find you

Me: well how long do you try to contact someone before you give up?

Sales Lady: Oh we try for at least 30, sometimes 60 days. But you know how phone tag is

Me: Don't you contact people through email?

Sales Lady: Yes, we do that too.

Me: I think I'll take my chances then.

Ummm, hello? If you're a company that wants my business, and wants to keep it, then you shouldn't need this kind of insurance. And what's with this 30 sometimes 60? Don't you have a set policy or are you guessing? You're seriously making me doubt whether I should be using you.


Gordo said...

Yikes. I assume that's $10/year? Pretty pricey when the domain itself only costs $10/year.

meno said...

wow. I think you should take your chances too. Someone just thought this was a great idea to make a little money without actually having a product.