Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now I Lay Me Down to Ponder All the Miniscule Data Running Through My Head Constantly

I am suffering insomnia. At least that's what I'd call it. I have a horrible time falling asleep at night. Then around 3 am, I wake up with no hint of falling back to sleep for at least two hours. Some nights (mornings to be exact) I do end up sleeping again, others I just get up and putter till the house comes alive. After a couple days of this I end up crashing around 8 pm one night. Of course, the 3 am wake up call still happens. Arrrrgh.

In a way I can't figure out if this is hindering or helping creativity. I certainly do a lot more writing and pondering during the wee hours of quiet mornings. But my brain gets muddled from the fatigue and I start speaking in that weird, menstrual, backwards way. Which leads to a lot of laughing from my family, obviously laughing at me not with me. Heh.

I have had days when my husband comes home from work and says, "Are you all right? You're white as a ghost." So I look in the mirror, and indeed, he is telling the truth. I look like death's door. Ugh.

On an up note, I rescued a neighborhood cat today. Though a very small deed, I felt heartened by it. This little cat wanders our neighborhood far and wide. She likes to hunt in our backyard as we border a woodsy area with no other houses in back - resulting in lots of cat delicious prey (mice). I like that she gets the mice and she's friendly. So today when I returned home from errands and found her crouching under the table on our deck looking frightened, I called her to me. Maybe the dog across the street had just scared her. She came to me right away (once I remembered that here they don't call 'kitty kitty kitty' they call 'minou minou minou'). She was limping and trying desperately not to put weight on her right paw. I picked her up and checked her paw, it was bleeding. I took her to her house and knocked not finding anyone home. So I put her on their deck and watched for their car. When they returned they took poor kitty in and later to the vet. I was happy to know she'd been cared for. Ahhh kitties.

Now since I'm not tired in the least and everyone else is asleep, I guess I'll go watch some ridiculously romantic movie.


Clowncar said...

Ahhh kitties indeed.

Good for you. Especially the part about waiting til they got home to make sure she was cared for. Above and beyond. You rock.

meno said...

The kitty says thank you, i know he does, in French even.

i know all about insomnia. Ugh!

jaded said...

Thankfully I have bouts with sleepless, but not insomnia.

In regard to sleep and creativity, there was a time when I did not sleep for more than three hours at time. I would nap 2-3 hours, wake to draw or paint for a few hours, then nap again for 2-3 hours, before waking to go to work or class. I functioned both creatively and job related, until it passed. It is more difficult to pull off when you are not single and living alone. Family needs make it harder, but maybe you can a compromise.

Dick said...

You might try taking a Benedryl and a Tylenol at bedtime. They together seem to be enough to put me to sleep for pretty much all night and yet are not risky sleeping pills. Although I doubt you would want to use this on too regular a basis, either.

The kitty story was good. It does sound like the people the cat owns do actually want to take care of her.

Maggie said...

Clowncar, thank you. I just couldn't leave it, its face was so forlorn. And sometimes I almost feel like its my cat too. She comes so often.

Meno, she's such a cute cat. I should get a picture of her sometime. She's almost all white except for her face which has black on it. And she's rather petite yet she packs quite a punch. I've seen her torment a neighborhood dog and fight the neighbor's cat. She's tough.

Jaded, I've had creative spells like that too. But nowadays, I crash out sooner. What is the difference between sleeplessness and insomnia?

Dick, they're good people. I just didn't want the cat to wander off and they wouldn't know she was hurt. As for the Benadryl and Tylenol, I've never heard of that, if it gets bad enough I'll keep that in mind.