Monday, November 09, 2009

Cultivating Your Kids

I ordered The Best Old Movies for Families by Ty Burr, a film critic, a few weeks ago. He shares how he got his children interested in old classics and lays out great strategy for introducing oldies to your kids. It is a fun book to peruse. Burr gives great suggestions for starting out with young children and sections of his book dedicated to age of child, genre of movie and the people (actors and directors) who made them.

I was so inspired that I immediately ordered five old DVD's for our collection. We had been wanting to beef up our DVD selection with older classics and this gave me a great jumping off point. I was happily bemused when my children delighted at the movies. The twins being almost five, were an easier sell. I ordered a musical (Singing in the Rain), an adventure (Adventures of Robin Hood), a western (Stagecoach), a sci-fi (The Day the Earth Stood Still) and a romantic screwball comedy. The sci-fi is too scary for them yet, so we'll wait. But the other four were a big hit. The romantic comedy would have flopped I think, but it has a leopard and an adorable terrier as two of the main characters (Bringing Up Baby).

I had never seen Bringing up Baby before and I found myself laughing throughout the entire movie. It was so much fun. As for the other movies, I had seen them but didn't remember them much since I'd watched them with my mother as a kid. They were all delightful. Now my teenager tried to act like he was just too far beyond these movies, but I've noticed that he watches riveted as long as he's unaware of us noticing him.

This book has been a treasure trove of information and set us on a path that I hope to wander for a long time.


Gordo said...

Sigh ... You own stock in Chapters or Amazon, don't you? Every single time you recommend something like this I have to go buy it. Munchkin is a huge hit in our house, by the way. :-)

Maggie said...

Gordo, you're awesome. I should hit these people up for advertising huh? They are profiting from my addictions I guess. Isn't Munchkin the best? We bought an extension pack called The Need for Steed. It is hilarious.

Gordo said...

I picked it up after you mentioned it, but we didn't have a chance to get into it until this summer at the cottage. What a riot!

jaded said...

Like Gordo said you've been influential in some of my purchasing of late, in particular the Artesian Bread in less than 5. OMG.

Back on task, I've been on a movie kick recently myself. Not the classics, I'm afraid, but mostly indie films I never got around to viewing because I haven't had a video or dvd membership since the 90's. Stuff like Lars, and the Real Girl, Diving bell and the Butterfly and Volver. It's great to get reacquainted.

Clowncar said...

That's a great idea. The only classic the kids have watched is The Wizard of Oz. Which they are obsessed with. And the Gamera movies, but those are considered classics only by me. And by my children, hopefully, someday.

Bringing Up Baby and The Day the Earth Stood Still are now on the Christmas list. Great suggestions.

Dick said...

One of my favorite old TV series was the show, "Laugh In." A couple of years ago I bought a DVD with 8 or 10 of what were called the Best Of Laugh-In. I sat my younger son & his wife down to watch them and while I still found them to be hilarious, the kids didn't see them that way. I guess you had to live through those times in order to understand the humor. Probably most movies are not in the same boat.

You ought to purchase a DVD of the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still when it comes out. We saw the movie in the theater and it is interesting to see a comparison of the same story with 50 or 60 years of technology available. The difference in War of the Worlds is mind boggling. But the newer one especially is NOT for children. Too brutal.

meno said...

Why does clowncar say that the Gamera movies are not considered classic??? I don't understand!

We've done a bit of this with Em, but our tastes run towards sci-fi, like Blade Runner. Which had her riveted.

Maggie said...

Gordo, I've been eyeing a couple others now like Clerical Errors or Booty. We'll see.

Jaded, oh Lars was such a stupendous movie. What did you think of Diving Bell? I haven't seen that one. And as for the bread, I cannot believe how easy that is and I haven't had a failed loaf yet.

Clowncar, Meno is right, Gamera IS classic! Wizard of Oz is on our list. But I remember as a kid being terrified by the Great and Powerful Oz when the Lion runs away and jumps through a window.

Dick, I've seen Laugh In when I was young. I remember laughing at it, but I'm betting I didn't actually get it. We've discussed getting the remake when it comes out, most likely we will. We love that kind of stuff.

Meno, you're absolutely right about Gamera. I'm afraid he's going to be punished by the universe for that one. Ha. I'd like to expand our sci-fi selection. We don't have hardly any.