Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drugs Across the Street

The above link will take you to an article about a giant drug bust in a house in the Levis, QC region. It's in French so I'll paraphrase:

A couple in Levis who are Asian were arrested on Tuesday who were growing over 500 plants of marijuana in a residence on the south of the river. The plants are estimated to be worth $500,000. They are suspected to be part of a large ring of Asian drug traffickers who were initially busted last spring.

This house is directly across the street from me. We've been watching police empty the house all day. They've actually been at the house since yesterday afternoon. They even pulled plants from the attic - which is only accessible through crawl spaces.

We had long suspected something weird since the original person who claimed to own the house became less and less frequently there until he stopped coming at all. Then various Asian people would show up about once a week and stay for a few hours then leave. Mowing the lawn mainly - and doing whatever they were doing inside.

We are wondering how damaged the house is. And will it be put up for auction. Can you hear the gears churning?

I have to say I think this is one of the wildest things I've witnessed with police dressed in full chemical protection garb walking in and out, other plain clothes police carrying giant grow lights and plants out. They loaded a trailer about the size of an average horse trailer, twice. Wild I tell you.


Gordo said...

It's pretty cool to watch, eh? There was a grow-op across the street from our first house. Like you, we thought something was weird: white guy with dreads (we called him rasta-man) and a pickup would come for a few hours at a stretch and leave. We never saw anybody there are night (the windows were blacked).

Then, one November day, I was sick at home with bronchitis and I heard a bunch of vehicles pull up. I got to window in time to watch the battering ram. Lots of fun.

The damage to the inside of the house was extensive. The plants need to be kept moist and they had humidifiers running everywhere. The landlord spent a fortune fixing it up again.

Maggie said...

Yeah we figure there must be pretty good damage here too. 500 plants take a lot of heat and moisture. There were here for about a year and half total and we think the guy who owns the house was in on it as he was weird too and asian and the two who were coming seemed to have a key. So. They were finally finished last night around 11 pm.

Dick said...

Gee I miss out on a lot of interesting activity, living in a senior park. About the only unexpected visitors are the Fire Department with their Aide Units. I guess I am just too well insulated from real life.

meno said...

Ooooh, who knew that you lived in such a rough neighborhood?

Funny how you and Gordo both just knew something was off, but what do you call the police and say?

SUEB0B said...

Canadians do drugs? All my illusions are shattered.

Maggie said...

Dick, well this is a first for me. We were used to the aid cars being the only sirens we heard too.

Meno, we wanted to call the police. We'd been discussing it for a few months. But yeah, we were trying to figure out how to tell them it's fishy without making ourselves sound like crazy nosy neighbors. We should have called I guess.

Suebob, I know, and people think we're all nice and stuff.