Sunday, November 01, 2009

For many years now, I've wrapped my self-worth as a mother around Halloween costumes. I would sew and sew and fret when it came out wonky (as it invariably would). I would march through neighborhoods proud that in spite of the wonkiness, at least the costumes were homemade and clever. But there was always a stress involved. Getting the sewing done on time. Making something the given child wanted. And doing it without losing my cool.

Well no more. Not the losing the cool part, the self worth part. This year, my kids wore what they wanted from among the dress-up clothes we had. And I relaxed. And they had a super fun time. And what more could anyone want for this holiday?

Except. The weather was so stormy, there were trees dropping limbs all over town. Sirens running back and forth to clear roads and accidents. So. Going out, even just in the neighborhood was out of the question. What did we do? Hubby and B hid behind doors in the house and we trick or treated our way around the house. The twins thought it was awesome. I was glad we didn't have to brave the storm and everyone ended the night over joyed.



meno said...

Perfect. And you can be sure that this is the Halloween your kids will remember.

Dick said...

Good thinking on your part. Maybe next year you could organize a Halloween party at their school? They the only weather consideration would be getting there & back home.

Clowncar said...

That sounds like way more fun than traditional trick-or-treating anyway.

My wife and Mom-in-law got pretty stressed sewing this year (me, I did the easy bits - crown and wand). The result was awesome, but not, I think, worth the stress. They would agree, I'm sure.

Gina said...

I used to make costumes, too, but you are right about the pressure. AND the cost! It costs three times as much to make it as it does to buy it. And sure - they're awesome, but the kids don't care anyway.

Gordo said...

Dude! Best. Halloween. Ever!

Maggie said...

Meno, I hadn't thought of that. But you're most surely right.

Dick, well the pre-school had a little one so they got to have that part of the fun too. I was telling Hubby maybe we could throw a party at the house next year and forget about going out all together. But you know, the draw to the traditional is strong for all of us.

Clowncar, I like sewing the costumes and would do it again, when I feel less tweaked out about it. But it sure was great to take a break from all that.

Gina, it can cost a lot. And it is fun, but if only the pressure weren't so high. I think it's high because we do it to ourselves more than anything.

Gordo, I gotta say, non-traditional but really a blast.