Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fragments of my World

Our little girl got her first 'style' - woot!

I was a little nervous about cutting her hair, but in the end I think it turned out pretty darn cute. And she picked the style herself (from a line up of several lengths and styles I showed her).

I've been in a no cooking rut. This means we've been eating out all too often. It is amazing to me how quickly it shows that this is an unhealthy lifestyle. We go along feeling pretty spiffy and then get in one of these fast food phases and all of a sudden we're really tired, sluggish, having headaches and even signs of feeling generally down in the dumps. Just not a great place to slump into.

And the stupid thing is that I love cooking. I love food and trying new stuff and winter time is the best time too because hefty hot meals are easy to put together. Heck I could at least be giving my crockpot a workout. I should probably get out some of my favorite cookbooks and do a little browsing. I think that would respark my cooking gene.


I have never mastered the skill of clasping my bra from the back. I have to clasp it in front and then turn it to the back before inserting arms in straps. I have always held a deep admiration for women with this talent. I can however remove my bra without taking off my shirt, a handy skill for sure.

And then there is the nightly breast scratch after removing the bra. Nothing more satisfying in my opinion, and a ritual which my husband derives much amusement from. You do this right?


jaded said...

I'll have to ask my Better Half if I do. I'm too amused watching him engage in his nightly scratch after he lets the boys out for air.

Both sexes appreciate comfort, but it's often difficult to comprehend the opposite sex's version of it.

meno said...

I TOTALLY do this. Ahhhhhhh, the relief.

I used to watch my mother in admiration as she would put on her bra, lean over so the girls fell into place, and hook it behind her. I thought that was the real measure of being a competent woman. But so far, i have not managed this level of skill.

As an aside, i just got my hair cut almost exactly like your girl, but she looks WAY cuter! No fair.

Clowncar said...

That little girl. What a cutie.

I envy your ability to cook. I do most of the cooking around here and am fearful I'm teaching my kids to be boring and uncreative cooks (and thus boring and uncreative eaters). Because I am.