Tuesday, November 03, 2009

In My Confessional

Confessions of a wannabe novelist:

I use the Thesaurus. Though I feel guilty whenever I do.

Naming my characters is the hardest part of the job.

Sometimes I get to cackling like a mad scientist when I write. Seriously. It just is so much fun when your characters come to life and start defying you like rebellious teenage children.

I doubt myself every day.

Most of my writing ideas come from my dreams.

I'm actually more of a poet and I can get a little wordy and lyrical in my prose. I have to watch that.

I am a slow reader. This just seems relevant.

I can only listen to classical music when I write. This is not a snob thing. The problem with any other music is that, if there is singing involved, I will sing. No matter what. That is very distracting.

I talk to my characters as I write. Not always, mostly when they surprise me.

My favorite color is green. This doesn't seem relevant.


meno said...

I confess that i am too lazy to write a book. But i will read yours.

jaded said...

Apparently I am a wannabe novelist too, since I also doubt myself everyday.

flutter said...

maybe your character's favorite color is green, too...

Gordo said...

Aren't confessions supposed to be of some crime or another? I certainly don't see anything to be confessing.

Quite frankly, I'd be suspicious of any artistic type who didn't suffer some self-doubt.

I'll absolutely read it and review it, too. :-D

mamatulip said...

I doubt lots of what I write.

My favourite colour is orange.

Clowncar said...

I use the right-click thesaurus all the time. Maybe it's lazy. But if it makes the writing better, you should do it.

If you don't doubt yourself you don't get better.

I used to write in total silence. Now I write with kids running around, with the radio on, while I'm cooking. Otherwise I'd never find the time.

Good luck! Post an excerpt!