Monday, December 07, 2009

The Original Blogger

I think Andy Rooney could be called the original blogger. Not that he ever blogged, that I know of. But the style is all there.

I've been reading The Most of Andy Rooney and his wit and dry humor get me most every night. I'll be reading and then all of a sudden, out loud, I'll blast, "Oh yeah" or "That is so true" or "Ha ha ha ha I can't believe he said that". Fun reading for me.

I remember seeing Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes. The only reason I ever watched that show. (To be fair, I was young and not interested in news at the time).

If Mr. Rooney had had a blog, he'd be bigger than Dooce or the Bloggess or a battery of other cyber famous bloggers. Seriously, I'm sure of that. He's got the talent down to a science. Which is why he was paid to do it on TV. Of course, the verbal inflection goes a long way toward punching the humor home. But when I read, I can hear that inflection.

*Disclaimer: I offer no judgment of Dooce or the Bloggess or 'a battery of other cyber famous bloggers'. Remember that we are all beautiful flowers. And I also do not claim to know if I spelled these names right, but I'm too lazy to go look it up. Please don't shoot me.


meno said...

Yes, we are all beautiful flowers, and so are our vaginas. Well, not Andy Rooney's.

I used to love watching him on 60 minutes. I was fascinated by his eyebrows and curmudgeon-ly-ness.

egan said...

Ha, Meno made a funny. Andy is the textbook definition of curmudgeon, sort of a role model for me.

Maybe you won't express your feelings about Dooce, but I've been a bit more vocal in my feelings about that blog. Maybe I'm not a beautiful flower.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I would totally read a blog about Andy Rooney's beautiful vagina.

Dick said...

I like 60 Minutes and agree that the short bit with Andy Rooney is one of the best parts of that show. But they do cover some very interesting subjects and in pretty good detail. I'd call it the best of the TV Magazines.

And I see that you, too are starting to get those Anonymous comments that are trying to sell something. I've set my blog to where I have to approve any comment made to a post that is more than 2 weeks old but you still have to watch the more recent ones closely or they'll slip these things in. Easy to delete but you do have to keep on top of them. Too bad that blogging has gotten there.

Blasé said...

I would never ever 'shoot' you!

Maggie said...

Meno, if Andy Rooney's vagina is a flower, I'm a beatnik elf. In fact, I'm not sure I want that kind of image in my head.

Egan, oh you're beautiful, of course. To be honest, don't tell anyone because I'll probably get kicked off blogger but, I don't know a thing about Dooce's blog. I've never been there.

Jenny, yeah and you'd have half the net laughing their asses off about it too.

Dick, those comments are irritating huh? But I still refuse to turn on verification, because that's even more irritating than the delete.

Blase, you say that now...