Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ten Holiday Things Elven and Otherwise

1. I've been practicing sock therapy again lately.

2. Christmas is almost here....weeeeeeeeeeee!

3. I miss my family this time of year the most. I want them all here so I can hug the dickens out of them.

4. Shipping costs are horrendous.

5. Because we need to ship presents and our family to us, we all don't do much with Christmas cards, so we only have two cards so far this year. Perhaps I'll have to re-institute a card tradition.

6. My Grandmother gives everyone socks for Christmas as one of their gifts. They are usually kooky and fun. I've come to look forward to those socks each year.

7. I want an animal to cuddle so bad.

8. Our advent this year had a lot of activities and we've really been having loads of fun. We made dog biscuits for my SIL's dog, we went to see Christmas lights in the neighborhoods, we made bread and we built mechano toys. Tomorrow we will be baking cookies for Santa. I like an advent calendar that gives memories.

9. I was good this year and didn't peek at a single present! Not one.

10. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


Gordo said...

Merry Christmas, Maggie. Not enough people appreciate kooky socks. ;-)

jaded said...

Happy holidays!

and yeh the whole shipping thing, meh.

meno said...

Shop on the internet and get stuff delivered?

Or else alienate everyone right before Christmas?

Maggie said...

Gordo, oh and this year she sent me two pairs of those teflon socks, and I think I could slide fast enough to get lift off in those.

Jaded, it seems like shipping costs have doubled since we moved here six years ago.

Meno, I should probably do the first one. No one would believe me if I tried the second, I'm too wussy. Heh. Maybe next year will be a total ThinkGeek Christmas.

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