Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Balancing on Your Balls

All the kids want to be cool.  Even us grown up ones.  In fact, in some ways, we're worse than teenagers.  Add to that the advent of internet communications:  widespread, instantaneous and seemingly immortal, and the need to be something you want others to see rises like the Dow on a good news day.

Some people pull it off exactly because they don't care.  Decidedly strong personalities being exactly who they are, or want to be.  Not living an image.  Living a life.

Then there are those so entrenched in the image that they lie, they become anonymous trolls, or they simply shift with the wind.  They are cellophane.  They may not know it, but the image they upload is drawn so tight it's a countdown to the inevitable burst wherein the hot wind held back comes blowing through.

And then we come to the end.  Ok, that's a book.  Then we come to the middle ground.  Where many of us struggle to be who we are, but find ourselves affected by the massiveness of the outward world staring in at us.  Many a blogger has analed the dilemma of writing for oneself and writing for readers.  We won't go there.  (Step lightly, all the king's horses have been through these fields).
But there exists this fine balance. 

Most obviously failing that balance are those that force coolness by being sarcastic, hating everything to be sure not to be 'like everyone else' and not to be 'a lame loser who loves something pathetic'.  They choose the dark road of negative, thinking they can shine through it with jest.  But in the end, they come off rather, well, ignorant.  Because if you can't have an actual opinion, you're not shining a light, you're just trying to reflect one.  And let me tell you, you're no mirror.

Sure we all get snarky.  And snarky is unbelievably fun.  But being just plain Oh I hate that, I won't even go into it.  Or God, you're not really into that are you?  is flat and unimaginative. 

So I say, you want to be different and cool?  Grow some balls and have some opinions, and then, do something really original.  Back them up.


meno said...

You called me snarky and fun! I like that.

Let's start equating tits with courage.

"So grow a pair," we could still say.

de said...

Now feel yucky. That sort of person/experience always puts me out of whack, too.

I am often accused of having no sense of humor. I'm just more earnest than most people, I guess.

jaded said...

What you describe sounds a lot like high school, sometimes things don't change as much as we would like to believe.

D-Man said...

It was too hot today. I wish I were cool.

Maggie said...

Meno, ooh that's awesome! I love it.

De, those who accuse people of having no sense of humor, in my opinion are often those that abuse humor.

Jaded, isn't that the truth? You'd think at our age, these things would disappear.

D-Man, oh I think you're cool!