Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Qweek Qweek Qweek - The Sound of Furious Tricycle Escape

A combination of having listened to three chapters of the Lovely Bones and then having eaten dinner too close to bedtime led to bizarre dreams and restless sleep. Like this one: I was being chased by an evil man and I was trying to get away...on a tricycle! Ever tried pushing a tricycle faster than a human can run? Yeah.


Heard from the back of the car: Autobots! Destroy the princess.


I can't cook liver anymore. Used to make liver and onions. But I've tried twice in the past month and both times it made me so sick to smell it cooking I had to throw it out. Twice! If I didn't know better I'd be at the drug store in the aisle with the little white wands with pluses and minuses on them. But thankfully, I know better. Maybe just some weird phase or hormonal change.


The new Make magazine came in the mail yesterday. I haven't finished building even one of the eight or so projects I wanted to do in the first magazine I got. I'm afraid to even open it. It makes my head spin.


Me: (sigh) I miss people.
Husband: That's what a sniper flunky would say.


Gordo said...

Interesting. Qweek is exactly the sound that I would associate with a trike. Not that I could have described it. LOL

If I ever have any free time, the house will be full of nifty electronics projects. Bridget's glad that I'm so busy. Sarah Connor is safer, too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ your husband!!

I was curious about the liver & onions when I saw it on your menu. The only way I eat liver is in pate or liverwurst. (My mother says you must by calves' liver, not beef liver, if that helps.)

jaded said...

My last experience handling liver involved fishing for catfish. It didn't smell good then either.

meno said...

My cat eats liver. I have more sense than that. :)

Liv said...

Sometimes I miss, I don't. I'm teetering on the emotional edge, craving interaction, but still don't want to see anyone. Does that make me a flunky or an anti-flunky?

D-Man said...

Love the sniper joke.

Maggie said...

Gordo, I can still remember the red metal trike we had with the foot holds at the back and the sound those wheels made. It seemed then that nothing in the world could be very bad.

De, maybe that's been my problem - the beef liver thing. But I'm not about to try again. However, liverwurst sounds delicious.

Jaded, ah but the catfish must have tasted marvelous. It's been a long time since I had good ole southern fried catfish.

Meno, now why in the world didn't you knock some of that sense into me earlier?

Liv, that makes you pregnant, human and a prime candidate for trashy TV (such as People's Court) and a carton of ice cream.

D-Man, that's my husband for ya. Weird, funny and a little off color. But then again, he's french.