Monday, January 18, 2010

Epiphanies of the Old and Cantankerous

I was in a store the other day.  The pharmacy to be exact.  Where two older gentleman (older than me, thank you) and myself were waiting for our prescriptions to be filled.  The people behind the counter were all young and new.  They expended more energy talking to each other in constant stream of information about who is dating who and what party is coming up than in counting the pills.  Which I think is rather scary.  But, that's not my point.
My point is that I was standing there telling myself "They're young.  Be patient.  Don't be such an old codger" and yet the two gentlemen and myself were getting visibly irritated.  This pharmacy has never taken this long to fill prescriptions, not even with this many people in the store.  So there I was diligently attempting to be gracious (well, we'll say shifting from foot to foot, staring at the floor so I wouldn't be glaring straight in someone's face) and it dawned on me, we get to a certain age and everyone behind counters offering us 'service' is younger than us.  I think this may be a considerable factor in the old age developed cantankerousness.  Think about it.  No, think harder.
If I had lived 65 or 75 years and seen so many things, I really don't want a twenty year old talking to me like I'm a child, and I sure as hell don't want someone with not so much, ok no life experience controlling my health/welfare/happiness/purchases/etc.  Would you?  All the time?  Imagine the indignity of having to give up driving and then being condescended to by youngins.  It gets my dander up just thinking about it.
So, the next time you meet a cantankerous old woman or man, smile and remember you're going to have to deal with whippersnappers like yourself someday.


Anonymous said...

yes, you're right.

now imagine sitting there trying to get a job from one of those whippersnappers.


meno said...

Bad service has always pissed me off. Guess i was born cranky.

Poor de. :(

furiousBall said...

i've found bad service can be combated with bad gas. never doubt the power of the fart. the power of the fart my friends.

Gordo said...

There's absolutely NO excuse for bad service in any kind of medical field. The best reaction to this kind of thing was from my mother-in-law. I can't remember what the store was, but the person behind the counter was treating her like an idiot. Joyce finally had enough and snapped "I'm just old, not stupid!" The girl's jaw dropped and her manager took over so quickly, I was sure that she'd elbowed the girl out of the way.

I was sitting down waiting and watching. And quietly cheering. I miss Joyce.

jaded said...

I have patience for neither the young nor the old, thus leaving without any patience at all.

flutter said...

I'm already an old lady

Clowncar said...

Get off my lawn!

Andrea Frazer said...

I am already married to a cantankerous old man, so that's half the battle.

Maggie said...

De, that's worse than any customer service situation. It makes me squirm from here.

Meno, you old codger.

furiousBall, I get the feeling you use gas for a lot of things.

Gordo, I love your mother-in-law. Awesome.

Jaded, your screwed. You're going to be an old cat lady that scowls at all the kids on the sidewalk and curses at the grocery cashier. Heh.

Flutter, wha? Old my ass.

Clowncar, hey Nebucracker, I'm on your lawn!

Andrea, you have first hand practice then.

Dick said...

Yup, you are right, and I know that I am getting closer and closer to being one myself. I know well why God designated YOUNG people to be parents of small children.

Maggie said...

Dick, yes. The trick with parenting is to get through teenage years before you reach the codger age. I'm going down fighting.