Friday, January 08, 2010

I've been thinking

New Years hit me this year with a lot of thoughtfulness.

I spent the last year almost avoiding this space. And most other Internet spaces. Not because I was shunning anyone or hiding (OK maybe a little hiding), but mostly because I realized there was a plethora of life happening around me every day that I had been missing in the depression years. So I tried to make up for lost time. And I had fun doing it.

But, even so, I've missed being here. I came to the New Year with a less cynical view of resolutions. Why? Because even if a person makes resolutions and then does not accomplish one of them, they have still accomplished something. They've taken the time to analyze their life and find things they want to change. They've done what many never do, they've admitted their shortcomings, identified goals, inspired themselves. And even without making any of the things happen, they've taken the first step to realizing even one portion of it.

So I started thinking about resolutions this year. I had a list of fairly typical ones like exercise more (oh my, the ease of losing sight), read more, etc. But I thought about this space and searched for a way that being here made sense for me now. How could I get back into it and enjoy it the way that I want to? I thought about the self discovery journey I've been on for the last four years. It's been a long and winding road. I know that I love certain things. Writing. OK that makes this space make total sense. I love sewing but I don't really want to talk about that here - at least not regularly. There are plenty of sewing blogs and frankly, I love it, but I'm not that good at it so I haven't got a lot to say other than posting pictures.

Here are the things I think I'd like to talk to you about: books. I have the Brown Books Project (see sidebar) and encourage anyone interested in the weirdest book club to go check it out and join. I've been rather remiss for a bit and the club has waned in spite of the wonderful support of my friends there. Help me get that rolling again. I might be mentioning those books here from time to time. But I'd like to share with you other books I read. I'll be doing that here.

My writing. You might get bored with this one but let's face it, it's what I do. And this year I'm forging forward with goals to get more serious about it as a career. So I'll be talking about my forays and failures in the writing spectrum as well.

Movies. This one is a little more difficult because I don't go to theaters much. I buy or rent DVDs which means by the time I'm seeing a movie, most people are long past it. So I'll be mentioning them, but I'm thinking the focus will be more on older movies. This is a relatively recent passion. And I've got stuff to say so that's a good thing.

Other media. Like magazines and stuff. You'll find babbling about that too. I'm headed into a year of messing with electronics and DIY projects inspired by Make magazine. I'll be posting up stuff about that too. I bought a special science calendar for me and the kids. We're going to be doing some experiments from it. I'll be showing you the gruesomeness that is us armed with ordinary home chemicals. Ha. So there you have it. A sort of blogging resolution.

I've really missed you guys and am determined (famous last words I know) to get back out there, hop back on that horse and ride giddyup into the blogging sunset. Yeeehaw.


furiousBall said...

it happens amiga, we all need a little space from time to time. i'm also reconnecting with a lot of the bloggers and online friends again myself. welcome back, chica

jaded said...

Your returning as a healthier Maggie, and we welcome as much, or as little, as you choose to share here.

de said...

all that stuff sounds interesting to me. bring it on!

flutter said...

i've missed you

Gordo said...

I've also missed you, but we're all still around, aren't we?

It's not just the weirdest book club, it's the bestest!

Dick said...

Welcome back! I will try to check out your book club but I don't seem to have much reading time anymore, except maybe with my ebook while at Starbucks. We are seeing more movies in the theater although did also just buy a BluRay player combined into a theater sound system so hopefully will also watch more movies at home. The electronics are fun but also challenging. And now I am adding bike riding. At least that will give more exercise.