Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I walked a crooked mile, I saw a crooked stile


I am increasingly becoming disgusted with people on the internet. Seriously.

I think anonymity is getting the better of society at large. Sadly it is a global phenomenon.

For instance I love reading DIY type blogs and sites for ideas. I get an email from Better Homes and Gardens regularly with articles showing how to update furniture, ideas for decorating with flea market finds and full on room remodels with before and after pictures. It used to be that a site like that only attracted people interested in the ideas with very little criticism. I know criticism can be good. But now, people are complaining about the colors chosen for a room or that the remodel was too expensive or that not enough was done and I'm telling you, they are being vitriolic about it. On a DIY 'idea' site! Come on peoples, haven't you got better things to do than pretentiously pick on articles written to inspire? If you're such an expert, link up your own site with articles that you've written and well taken photographs with your advice. If you can even do that, see how long it takes before some arrogant troll starts belittling you and your articles.

TED. I love the TED talks. I don't always agree with them, but I understand they are for inspiration. Helping us all to think about things in new light and try to change the world or maybe just our own communities for the better. You should see the comments there! People just raving about how wrong someone is and how stupid they are. Jeez. I'd like to see these commenters get themselves invited to TED! Come on, show us what you got. How are you going to change the world?

Why. Why can't we join in the spirit of inspiration instead of consistently practicing the destruction of creativity or thought? What is so appealing about tearing down and laughing at rubble instead of building up and looking for ways to do it even better the next time?

When I read this stuff, I feel that the population is getting dumber by choice. A great number of people would rather adopt a bullyish attitude than try to learn something new, admit they don't know something being said, or most often I think, just to do it.

I find it disgusting.

Rant done.

Friday, March 12, 2010

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

So, what are you doing for Pi day?

I've been waiting nearly a year for this. Last year I heard about it, two days after it had passed. Pi day, celebrated mainly by uuber geeks and math classes, is on March 14 (3.14). A day to enjoy that mysterious mathematical magic that is Pi.

What we're doing:

Eating Pizza Pi(e)
Dessert: Peach Pi(e)
Making ourselves Pi t-shirts with a homemade stencil or iron on (I haven't decided yet)
decorating the house with circles and equations
maybe we'll go on a Pi hunt - looking for circles

you know, all the normal stuff any everyday family would do, when they're totally geeking out. Heh.

Do you celebrate Pi? Come on, it's fun!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Farm Fever

So Facebook has revived my addiction for all things country and farm by sucking me into Farmville. I can't stop myself I love this little application so much.

Also, we recently turned TV back on. So far we're doing quite well not getting sucked in to that too much. But I have reacquainted myself with a certain designer that I always loved: Sarah Richardson of Design Inc and now Sarah's House and Sarah's Cottage. Guess what house she's completely redoing this year? A farmhouse! So yeah, I'm drooling at the TV.

I sauntered into our bedroom last night where my husband was sitting in bed reading. I crawled on top of him and set his book aside, looked deep in his eyes and said, "I want a farm". Oh the sexy. He laughed and said "I don't think I want a farm." So I said in my deepest most sultry voice, "I want a farm, but you know, without the animals. Except for cats and dogs. But we could have nut trees and apple trees and a big garden that sits in the full sun. And maybe a little creek and tons of lawn for the kids to play on. And if we buy a riding lawn mower with a snow blower attachment, I'll do all the mowing and plowing." Nothing says sexy to a man than a woman offering to mow and plow. He kissed me and said, "OK, let's get a farm."

Of course, we'd have to first sell this house and find a farm and make sure it's livable and well, that means a farm will wait for years indefinitely. But at least he said yes!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Little Deers

Have I seriously been gone this long?


A conversation in the car:

G: Mom?
Me: Yes dear?
G: Um, my name is G and I'm a kid and I want to talk to you Mom.
Me: Yes G?

(apparently he's not a deer)


Simplifying your life entails a lot of piles and boxes which does not appear simple at all. In fact, it looks a hell of a lot messier than the piles which were hidden in closets.


I've mentioned before that every year we get what my mother-in-law calls 'the snow that chases the snow'. It is a storm in early spring just after the snow has started to melt. It evokes the same reaction in me and most others too: "All that snow that melted and now it's back!" In reality it isn't really back because usually within two days it melts off again. Every year I like to say that Spring is being a tease. This year however, Spring arrived in her flouncy way melting off a ton of snow. Which was fun because we didn't get such massive amounts this year that the melting was progressing quickly. Then the storm came. (Somewhat early, which makes me suspicious that Spring's got another one hidden up her sleeve.) This storm however lasted three days and dumped more snow on us in one set than any other storm did this winter. So I told my husband, "Spring's not being a tease, she's being a bitch!"