Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Farm Fever

So Facebook has revived my addiction for all things country and farm by sucking me into Farmville. I can't stop myself I love this little application so much.

Also, we recently turned TV back on. So far we're doing quite well not getting sucked in to that too much. But I have reacquainted myself with a certain designer that I always loved: Sarah Richardson of Design Inc and now Sarah's House and Sarah's Cottage. Guess what house she's completely redoing this year? A farmhouse! So yeah, I'm drooling at the TV.

I sauntered into our bedroom last night where my husband was sitting in bed reading. I crawled on top of him and set his book aside, looked deep in his eyes and said, "I want a farm". Oh the sexy. He laughed and said "I don't think I want a farm." So I said in my deepest most sultry voice, "I want a farm, but you know, without the animals. Except for cats and dogs. But we could have nut trees and apple trees and a big garden that sits in the full sun. And maybe a little creek and tons of lawn for the kids to play on. And if we buy a riding lawn mower with a snow blower attachment, I'll do all the mowing and plowing." Nothing says sexy to a man than a woman offering to mow and plow. He kissed me and said, "OK, let's get a farm."

Of course, we'd have to first sell this house and find a farm and make sure it's livable and well, that means a farm will wait for years indefinitely. But at least he said yes!


slow panic said...

A farm sounds lovely.

I have resisted Farmville. But it hasn't been easy.

Nnamdi said...

Farmville is taking over. Unlike most, you actually want to really FARM. Pretty Cool.

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Anonymous said...

My husband actually wants to have animals. As, you know, a hobby while he continues having a full-time job.

I'm not so agreeable as your husband.

Gordo said...

Our mortgage term is up next year and guess where we're going? I've looked at a few listings and it's amazing just how much space one can buy for what a house in town goes for. :-)

Big side-bonus in Ontario: agriculturally-designated land is only taxed at 25% of what it would be otherwise.

Farmville, however, will squish your brains and suck the time out of the days. I managed to extricate myself in December and haven't gone back.

meno said...

Amazing what you can get him to agree to when you have crawled on top of him. :)

furiousBall said...

woo hoo, me = farm lover

jaded said...

It seems like a good fantasy, thenl I remember who will be shouldered with most of the labor... maybe I'll just read about farms.

Dick said...

If you really want to do that, now is the time while you two are still young. When you get to my age you want simplicity, not acres to mow, gardens to tend, etc. But if you want it, go for it!

Maggie said...

Slow Panic, I can't seem to help myself with Farmville, it's just so damn cute.

Nnamdi, I swear I'm not an addict - ah the glory of denial. =)

De, yeah I've gone through iterations of chickens - we could have eggs, sheep - that would be so cook, goats - I hear they're totally cute, cows - fresh milk! But in the end each of these had other annoying things attached like having to birth lams and kids in the middle of the night, cleaning up a lot of poo, keeping coops warm in the winter, and milking at 4 am? No way. So no animals for me. Just a lot of trees with fruit would be cool.

Gordo, yes I'd say that my brain is sufficiently squished. I'm so excited you're getting a country place! Ah the dreaminess of it.

Meno, ah the one person who hit on the essential in the story. My crawl on top powers increase daily. heh.

Furiousball, it would seem I'm not alone. I see farm people...they're everywhere.

Jaded, I read hobby farming for dummies and it cured me for awhile. It was definitely the catalyst for my giving up on having animals!

Dick, now see this is my contention. Plus when the kids are young it would be nice to have so much more space. But my husband points out that living in the country means the kids are far away from things like friends from school and walking distance parks, all of which we now enjoy. He has a point.