Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Little Deers

Have I seriously been gone this long?


A conversation in the car:

G: Mom?
Me: Yes dear?
G: Um, my name is G and I'm a kid and I want to talk to you Mom.
Me: Yes G?

(apparently he's not a deer)


Simplifying your life entails a lot of piles and boxes which does not appear simple at all. In fact, it looks a hell of a lot messier than the piles which were hidden in closets.


I've mentioned before that every year we get what my mother-in-law calls 'the snow that chases the snow'. It is a storm in early spring just after the snow has started to melt. It evokes the same reaction in me and most others too: "All that snow that melted and now it's back!" In reality it isn't really back because usually within two days it melts off again. Every year I like to say that Spring is being a tease. This year however, Spring arrived in her flouncy way melting off a ton of snow. Which was fun because we didn't get such massive amounts this year that the melting was progressing quickly. Then the storm came. (Somewhat early, which makes me suspicious that Spring's got another one hidden up her sleeve.) This storm however lasted three days and dumped more snow on us in one set than any other storm did this winter. So I told my husband, "Spring's not being a tease, she's being a bitch!"


Gordo said...

Cameron hates it when I call him squirt. "Dad! Squirt's a sea-turtle. I'm Cameron!" ;-)

My wife vetoed my first idea for clearing the house and simplifying things. I wanted to just touch a match to the place. Possibly more stressful, but definitely less work.

Winter almost always has one more kick at the can in March down here. the school break is the 15th-19th, and it generally comes with a week of that. Nice and warm for a few days, then: WHAM!

My birthday's the 18th, and a kid notices these things. :-D

jaded said...

Spring? Seriously?

I wish.

Anonymous said...

She's here, in CT, and I'm doing my best to keep her entertained so she'll stay a while. The past few years, though, Spring has left sometime in May, leaving us with cold, gray skies until Summer shows up at the end of June.