Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chasing Imagery

These are a few snidbits that race across my brain which I chase like a dog at a car holding my pen and searching for paper.  These turn into poetry at some later date.

Dormant gardens
laid out like bodies for viewing,
a lackluster sigh


The acrid sweetness
of a much needed shower
in secret rooms


the beat of his blood


her measure to metronome
tocking in three dimensions
the fluid waves of pianissimo
distant and white and promising


She's a ferret walker
she thinks she's some high class rebel
with her curls in the wind


the drone of sameness
spewing like volcanic ashen tedium
makes my ears drool dull stupor


Anonymous said...

Ahh - the talent is blinding me.

Thank you for the inspiration this morning. I've been mulling over starting to write/journal again.

jaded said...

The phrase "ferret walker" makes me smile. I guess it has the cadence of a schoolyard taunt.