Monday, April 19, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

How are teenagers like an old dog?
They lose their sense of smell and they smell like one too!


Where would mankind be without the discovery of the skillet? Seriously. Think eggs, pancakes, saute.

Or perhaps bunny slippers...


I had a stuffed Clifford the Big Red Dog when I was a kid. Actually I still have it only I gave it to my daughter. I always thought he was the best stuffed animal I had. Mainly because he was red and he was in a book.

Sometimes lately I miss that kind of innocence.


If you can buy produce at a store four blocks away but it is more costly than buying your produce at a store a half hour drive away but there is more selection and much better pricing, which do you choose? The long drive and extra gas or the quick stop?

I have waivered on this one. Sometimes the time and gas it takes to get the better selection and prices have been trumped by expedience. But my budget actually fares better with the longer drives.

Do you remember the bulk stores with the big barrels of grains and beans and other stuff? We had one called Piggly Wiggly. It had various other names as it changed management over the years before it finally died altogether. Convenience shopping phased that out. Now that I'm the buyer for a family I see the value in a store like that. It'd sure be nice if someone started those up again.


I'm getting a dog! It was born two weeks ago today. I will be able to take it home early June. I haven't actually picked which one of the litter I will take yet. But I get first pick. I'm so excited. It is called a Goldendoodle (which is a Golden Retriever and Poodle cross). It is 1/4 Golden Retriever and 3/4 Poodle. I've waited about four years now, thinking about getting a dog, learning about training and raising a dog and being sure I had the time and energy for it. Yay!


slow panic said...

A puppy! How fun.

The shopping for the family is always a challenge -- selection, pricing, distance, all of that. I cant' ever seem to get it just right.

furiousBall said...

those puppies are seriously cute. seriously. cute.

meno said...

At least the teenagers don't piddle on the carpet, much.

Those puppies are heart attack cute. I LOVE Golden Doodles. You are so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Re: the shopping, we alternate. There is a store where we can get pretty good deals on fresh food, like produce, local dairy and local meat, but it is about 20 miles away, so we usually go there when we need mostly FOOD, but we go to the local supermarket when we need grocery items. Sometimes it backfires, as in this week when I stopped at the supermarket and they had marked down TONS of perfectly ripe avocados and I paid about a dollar for one that I have to wait for. Grrr.

Congratulations on the puppy! Those guys tend to be very tall. I've known two personally, and they both rather resemble wolfhounds.

Maggie said...

Slow Panic, I wish we had a farmer's market really close with lots and lots of stuff. Of course, wishes just don't always come true.

Furiousball, puppies seem to have this goo goo effect on people don't they? I think it's going to be hard to pick just one.

Meno, they may not piddle on the carpet but by the looks of his bedroom, well I don't know what all is on that floor. I first saw a 'doodle' on vacation and couldn't get over how beautiful the dog was and so friendly. Great thing about retriever mixes - retrievers are so lovey friendly.

De, I've had those days too. And those avocadoes heh. The dogs do get pretty big I've learned. But I've waivered only slightly between big dog/small dog and always I return to big dog. I just love 'em big. (that is by looks. this will be my first ever owned dog.)

Dick said...

They are cute. Take a look at the Life After NEXCOM on my side bar. She is babysitting for a week her son's two St. Bernard puppies and there is the cutest photo of them on one of her recent posts. I think they were 9 weeks old when the pic was taken and they had been out in the backyard digging in the dirt.

jaded said...

Such adorableness!

When my sister was in college she got a job dressing as Clifford for a book signing at a mall. I was forced forced into the role of Emily Elizabeth, to be her "handler". My job was to prevent her from tripping over small children, and keep the mall patrons from pulling her tail. Big red head = poor visibility.