Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Somewhere a dog barks, a rainbow billows, and an old woman clucks

We saw a rainbow yesterday.  I pointed it out to the kids.  My daughter grabbed me in the tightest hug and whispered to me, "Thank you mama, you made a rainbow."  (I realize this sounds suspiciously like a commercial once on the TV, but I swear that's exactly what she did, and I wanted so much to be able to take credit for it).


We had a thunder storm that shook the house.  I'm not kidding, we woke up thinking there might be an earthquake in progress.  And I loved it.  I'm looking forward to more and more of those!


If I could change one thing about myself it would be my propensity to procrastinate.  This bad habit usually leads to low self-esteem and guilt.  Which tends to bring on the dark and listless days in which I get even less done and then guess what?  We have a beautiful circle of dysfunction going, dalliance and I.


Hot flashes.  They have taken up residence.  I rather like them in some odd way.  I'm usually colder than I ought to be so the hot flash gives me a tingling flush of warmth.  Of course, come August, in 90 degree weather with high humidity, I may be singing a different tune.  The night ones are especially fun.  (Now I'm being sarcastic).  Throwing blankets off of my body without disturbing the one next to me and then grabbing them back is an art. The wisdom of women transformed by menopause becomes increasingly clear.


slow panic said...

I'm finding myself in that cycle of procrastination, low self-esteem and guilt. and not enough time to do everything that needs to be done....

furiousBall said...

thunderstorms are the coolest, i love the sounds and smell of the rain and ozone

meno said...

I have gotten over the "joy" of hot flashes after three years and still going strong. Now they just drag me down and depress me. Enjoy yours while you will.

Clowncar said...

Our old house had a porch we'd sit out on during afternoon thunderstorms. Sigh.

My wife is well into meno-land. It does have it's pleasures. She says there's a certain freedom to it.

jaded said...

I like watching electrical storms...the best laser show ever....the hot flashes not so much.

SUEB0B said...

I had hot flashes and no period. Now I have no hot flashes and periods, but big bursts of hormonal craziness. Sigh.

Maggie said...

Slow Panic, run, run for your life! Procrastination kills.

Furiousball, I didn't know we could smell the ozone.

Meno, you know, mine don't make me sweat (yet) so maybe that's why I find them fun instead of horrific. There's always time for that later. :P

Clowncar, yeah I look forward to that freedom. If we ever get a farm (hobby of course) or different house, or build one we're going to have a porch. I love watching the storms. I used to do that on my grandparents porch. I can feel the hot wind just thinking about it.

Jaded, thunderstorms have this erratic nature that I find exciting. One minute it's hot and lightning is cracking and the next it's raining.

Suebob, I think I'm a constant bundle of hormonal craziness. It's good to have sisters in arms.