Thursday, July 08, 2010

A box of this a box of that

Ever get the feeling that cleaning involves a lot of moving of stuff but not really doing anything about it?

Stuff. I'm beginning to hate stuff with a vengeance.

We had an enormous garage sale. Sold off a ton of stuff. And yet...


I get these ideas for organizing. But the problem is that I need organization equipment. And that takes money. So I limp along trying my best to organize without the equipment. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I have a tendency to pile things I don't know what to do with. I'm not sure what the pile accomplishes. No one else is going to look at it and say, "I know what to do with this stuff!" Gah.


Where to draw the line between fixing things and throwing them out.

I despise being a throw it out and buy a new one society. I cringe when salespeople say to me, "They're so cheap that when this one breaks, no worries, just toss it and get another!" NO NO NO, not a selling point.

But. Where to draw the line between saving, trying to mend and using that time for things like, oh I don't know, pursuing a career, raising kids, maintaining a home. Lately the motivation to make and repair has dwindled proportionately with the amount of time I spend on self improvement (i.e. writing dammit).

Where to draw the line


Clowncar said...

a friend of mine recently compared keeping a house with kids in in clean to shoveling sand. you keep shoveling, it just keep pouring back in.

screw cleaning. write a poem and do that gabfest thing.

jaded said...

This I understand.

The funny thing about preservation & repair for me is, the simpler the repair, the longer I take to complete it.

Anonymous said...

We had a great time the other day at the "Trash Museum." Although it's called that, it's really a recycling center. We spent the most time in the Craft Kitchen, where you get to pick a "surprise bag" of stuff that was thrown away and get crafty with it. I told one of the employees that it was a dangerous place for me because I already have a hard time throwing things out; almost everything can be repurposed as art for kids, but really, it's still junk.

Next week my kids will be at camp in the morning every day, and I intend to fill my husband's truck bed with stuff for the dumpster every day as well as put aside things to sell. Not sure if I'll do a tag sale, or Craig's list. Not wild about having people come to the house either way, although I'll have to adjust to that when it's on the market.

Perhaps there is a happy medium between buying the necessary organizing equipment and making something or devising something that will work for less cost. I hear you - Even when you've eliminated a lot of stuff, it's still necessary to organize what you have left, and it costs. I'm in a slightly giddy phase of denial in which I believe I'm going to get rid of IT ALL!!!!

meno said...

It's the sheer NUMBER of piles when contemplating getting rid of shit that is hard for me.

1) Goodwill pile
2) recycle pile
3) trash pile
4) sell at used book store pile
5) try to give away to friends/colleagues pile
6) i don't know what the hell to do with pile
7) not my decision pile

and so on....

Dick said...

Our park has a once a year giant garage sale that has become very popular in our town. It was last Saturday. We left early to try to avoid it but, even before 8am, there were people and cars all over the place. By mid-afternoon when it got hot outside, the crowds were gone & we came home.
I guess that Pat & I got rid of most of the stuff to get rid of a fairly short time ago, when we moved into this smaller house. In just 3 or 4 years we haven't yet accumulated enough junk, er treasures, to bother participating.

In my organizing I can usually go right to the correct pile to find what I'm looking for. But it does bug Pat. All my piles, that is.

I guess the fix or replace issue came about because the labor costs are so high now days. And it is easier for manufacturers to not have to stock & supply replacement parts. Most things we buy anymore are pretty cheaply made.