Monday, September 26, 2011

How Big are you, Baby?

I remember this Little Golden Book when I was a child called How Big?

Pictured here is the 4th printing, mine was the 5th.  Ah how long ago.  I still have it in fact.  My mother, bless her, saved many of the Little Golden Books we had as children.

My point.  I always loved this book, and this particular line: "And are you as big as your shadow? Now, Guess!  Well, sometimes no--and--sometimes yes!"

I don't know why but I was thinking about this today.  About being our shadow, hiding in it or claiming a space bigger than that.  A simple line from a child's book, and yet, it feels as though there lies a cavern of meaning.  I wonder if I am living in the comfort of my shadow when I am hesitant to write online, to put myself out there.  I find it rather ironic that I started here because I had such a difficult time talking to people in the real world, and now, the tables have turned.  Not that I've found some great oratorial level in my life, however people in general just aren't scary anymore.  Most of them are actually quite wonderful.  Excepting of course the strange drug like effect that driving has on us, most of us are decent humans.  So if online and real life aren't a match for me, where is the shadow?  How big am I?

I wish I knew.