Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Tuesday - Ten Things

So I've seen this Ten Things Tuesday for a long time.  Thinking back, I can't recall having ever done one.  Well, why not?

1.   It's amazing how the idea of gathering ten random thoughts has rendered my brain incapable of having any thoughts.  What is that? (Actually, that's number one, that's what that is!)

2.  I tried my hand at making a tiered, layered, decorated cake this weekend for a family birthday party.  It tasted great.  It looked, I'll say cute, but I will never be a professional cake decorator.  I'll stick to writing.

3.  I've been grappling with my current manuscript and how dark I can go in a kids' book.  Neil Gaiman is a master at this.  I however, constantly question whether I'm being too bubble gum, so I let myself go dark the way I'm inclined and then wonder if I've gone too far.  Dilemmas.

4.  I hate peripheral noise.  I'm no good at writing when there is a flurry of activity happening in my vicinity.  I can't even listen to music with words while writing - most of the time.  I like to immerse myself in the story, it washes out the physical world.  But when the physical world forces its way back in, it irritates me.

5.  Holiday crafting is in full swing.  I've got 25 days of advent to finish preparing, and gifts to make.  I'm running late as usual.  It wouldn't be any fun if I wasn't rushed right?  Right?

6.  I have a wish list for Santa: a better year in 2012.  It's a short list.

7.  I might also want an iMac.  But I'm thinking the short list is enough for Santa to handle.

8.  It is raining.  It is almost December and it is raining.  I realize that by February I'm going to be sick of snow and counting the weeks (yes weeks) until it stops snowing and melts away.  But right now, my Christmas heart wants snow, darnit.

9.  We've opened the vault of our Christmas movies.  OK we don't really have a vault, but we've allowed ourselves to start watching them now.  My two favorites that we own are The Elf and Love Actually.  Of course, the others are wonderful too.  What is your favorite Christmas movie?  I'm always looking for new ones to add to the collection.

10.  The kids and I were reading some of our winter and Christmas books.  Here are a couple of great books to read to your kids this time of year:  When Will It Snow by Marty Crisp (which apparently is no longer in print?),

 of course Dr. Suess's How the Grinch Stole Christmas,

one of our all time favorites by Margie Palatini Mooseltoe,

and for older kids I enjoy Gary Paulsen's Brian's Winter.

Lastly, this is a book that is not necessarily wintery or Christmasy but it always makes me think of Christmas: The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.

Tell me some of your favorite books to read for the holiday season.

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