Friday, November 25, 2011

Poetry Friday: Exclusive

I remembered today that I used to post up audio of me reading these poems.  That was fun.  I'm thinking I might start making video readings of the poetry.  But for today, it is exclusively print.  Without further ado:

The Little Hammer

Here is a stone set on a stone
and a million others
building reverence where
men are still men.
An exclusive world of gray rooms and gray-haired
lords strolling in the confidence of
black.  Here is a stack of floors
holding all the sorrows of a city.
Here are the people caught
in all the nets of imperfection.

Here are the echoes of isolation.

Here the little hammer will fall.


jaded said...

....and this hammer probably carries the impact of an earthquake.

This poem makes me envision a short animation featuring figures with long thin faces in a bare environment with muted tones and new age latin music in the background.

Lynnea said...

Jaded, earthquake yes. Latin music? Is this an existing short? Long thin faces makes great imagery, especially for a courthouse. Your clubhouse lands more on the side of childhood joy and happiness. I like that.