Friday, November 11, 2011

Poetry Friday: Homemade

I'm feeling a bit rusty at the poetry under duress medium, but it sure feels good to do a Poetry Friday again.  What fun!

Good Intentions

She posts up her homemade pity;
she's taken pains to weave it.
She'll shoot a photograph
for her store front,
she holds it like a robin's egg
ready to be split and drained.
It's an admiring thing.

OOAK Pity Blanket

(she writes in all earnestness)

This is an OOAK piece woven
with all natural organic emotion.
If you look carefully you
will find a less fortunate hidden
directly in the weave.

(she picked this one out especially)

I'm calling this one Soup Kitchen,
as you'll notice the fresh
colors of poverty and strife
enthused with a warmth from
living in the open.

(Ah the greys, browns, and deep ochres of
shopping carts and old coats and setting suns!)

All amounts are in Good Intention Dollars.
Shipping to be calculated at check out.


***Don't forget to twitter your posts for Poetry Friday with the hashtag #poetryfriday!


jaded said...

Good Intention dollars carry their value better than the dollar or the euro these days.

I'm glad Poetry Friday has returned. I'm participating even though I don't tweet as much as I chirp.

Lynnea said...

Jaded, good intentions dollars can be helpful or not. I was thinking of myself in this poem, having had good intentions but wrong ideas at times. We live, we grow. I love your illustration you made.

De said...

Well done satire. How could I not love it? Looking fwd to the next one.

Lynnea said...

De, thank you.