Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poetry Friday - words words words

I have my random word generator working as I type (read: husband).

I have been told the word for Friday is decreed as supercalifragilisticexpiali.... just kidding.

It is exclusive. Not as in only some people get to know the word, but as in, it is the word.  Spread it around.  Let's get some posts from lots of people.  Shoot me a comment here or twitter the link with #poetryfridayword (I've changed since #poetryfriday seems to be being used for someone else's friday poetry activities.  just so we know who we are, you see.)  Post a poem, drawing, honeydo list, prose - you can post up anything, include the word exclusive, post it on Friday and what do you know, you're in on Poetry Friday.

See you there.

P.S. it dawned on me that some people do not have blogs or would prefer to post up in different forums. Please - by all means.  Just give the link or tell where to find it.  Facebook, twitter, your own website, youtube video, get creative, heck make a commercial on the tele!  I'd love to see them all.

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