Friday, December 02, 2011

Poetry Friday: Sore

I'm putting up two entries for this Friday's poetry post.  The first is a short free verse and the second is a Haiku in the english haiku tradition (based on syllables).  The word for this week is sore.  

No Rainbow

Doctors diagnosed
Mr. Earth, contracted
Planetary Fatal Disease,
call it PFD.
They say it's carried
in the human parasite
causing sore trees and fevered waters
oozing of foul colored liquids
and onslaught of extinction.
Have you seen the sky burning?
That's no rainbow, that's radiation.


vehemence of faith
throbbing pain of a sore tooth
gnawing at their gums


jaded said...

I like that in even in its brevity the haiku makes your mind go down one path of thought before being called to quickly divert to another.

Lynnea said...

ooh, I'm glad you feel that way because I was reading that this is the traditional way haiku were meant to be and so even though the english 5-7-5 syllables doesn't really translate the proper japanese form, it is a great way to stick to the idea of the tradition. cool!