Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Wednesday again

It seems I have only time for Poetry Friday posts right now.  I'm busy busy with my Christmas to-do list, and enjoying every minute of it.  I just love Christmas.  We put up the tree this weekend and the kids had a blast putting on the ornaments.  It's snowing outside today and supposed to snow all week.  Could a romantic like me ask for more in December?  Doubt it.

(oops I forgot to upload this)

My husband told me last week that my poems are all sad.  This week I'm going to attempt to write something more upbeat.  We'll see.  In that vein then, I'm thinking we could use a word that at least leans that way.  Like party.  Yeah PARTY!

P.S. You may have noticed that blogger so kindly shows the date I post and yet my mind had so made up that it was Wednesday it completely ignored blogger's kind reminder.  But yes, today is Tuesday.  So the title of my post is a blatant lie.  For shame, for shame.


jaded said...

thanks for posting the new word mid-week, it gives me time to consider the the theme in more depth.

Lynnea said...

no problem. in fact I've enjoyed the extra time and am thinking that maybe posting up the word on Tuesday from now on might be the way to go.