Saturday, January 07, 2012

January Arrived and Brought 2012 With It

2011 sucked.  We had the most trying, most tragic, most sad, most spirit withering year in 2011.  The great thing is, we survived.  We came out stronger.  I learned things about my husband I hadn't understood before and I think he did too.  We were forced to work harder on communication than ever and it has made our marriage the stronghold that got us through.  That and movie quotes.  But.  2011 is done, over, finito and I say, "Good riddance you filthy bag of rot!  Get your things and get out!"

The United Nations named 2012 The International Year of Cooperatives.  I however have my own thoughts on the matter, and have decided to name 2012 The Year of Hope.  I know of many people who had similar troubles in 2011.  So let this year be the year we begin to put those sorrows behind us.  Let this year be the year we step outside and scream "This is my year!"  Let this year be the year we achieve dreams, we fall in love, we fall in love again, we stand strong in the face of fear, we dare.  I'm asking you, do you have the guts to dare?  Dare to hope and make this year one full of memories and fun and happiness?

Are you with me?


Clowncar said...

2011 blew chunks. big chunks. 2012 I declare to be the Year of not bllwong chunks that are quite so big.

Hope yours turns out to be genuinely hopeful.

meno said...

I'm in!

De said...

I can't say 2011 was all bad, but there is always room for improvement. I like the idea of being daring.

jaded said...

My standards are lower. Survival is the first order of business and beyond that, everything is a bonus. Mind you I speak with the voice of one who had the luxury of being indifferent to 2011 and not withered by it.

Nonetheless, I hope everyone else's 2012 kicks ass.

Lynnea said...

Clowncar, sounds like you had a year like ours. I wish you a year of not blowing chunks at all.

Meno, excellent! I was hoping you'd join me.

De, daring is a challenge for us who easily hide behind screens and words. But I like the idea of it too.

Jaded, well I hope your 2012 kicks ass. The rest of us can't have all the fun.