Friday, January 13, 2012

Poetry Friday - Lame


We've been driving in the fast lame
getting nowhere
lining up for paper rolls
and setting our feet to roads
without fulfillment.

And then there were the stores
          of things
          that clung to us
weighed us down
filled our hearts with nothing.

We tripped thinking we had it all
         the dream
                   the life
                             the stuff of pride.

We had more than we bargained for

percentages and minimums and
things that wouldn't leave

for years to come.

This street lined with timber
and kindling.
That street ghosted out
of buildings and machines.
We whispered about
                             the other side of the tracks
then we came to them
                             we found a mirror there
we stood across from ourselves
and pointed in.


jaded said...

One thing I enjoy about your poetry is the way you insert words I forget to use. Often the words are ordinary non-pretentious efficient conveyers of efficient communication, words like fulfillment. I have a tendency to wade unnecessarily through the abstractness of language rather than communicating simply and effectively. I am too preoccupied dragging the listener on my personal journey.

De said...

I absolutely love your unexpected use of lame.

I feel very strongly that our consumer-driven society is on the wrong road.