Monday, January 09, 2012

Resolutions Are Lame

I've heard you cast down by so many.  Poor little tradition.  No one loves you anymore.  But secretly everyone, even the people who deny it, thinks about you.  So don't you worry, you lame little tradition.  We may be keeping it hidden behind closed doors, but we're keeping you close to our hearts.

We can't help it.  New Years are new beginnings and who of us faces a new beginning without assessing ourselves?  If we start a new job, we take inventory of our skills and decide to do more or learn new ones.  If we marry or start a new relationship, we think about our qualities and what the other person sees in us.  We are human and I for one am not ashamed of it.

So yeah, I made some.  Here's the thing though, at this point in my life I try to make things that are attainable and that I am ready to conquer.  Let's face it, if we're not ready to commit to something, it will fizzle in no time.  But pushing ourselves, having the gumption to say I'm going to do this thing, that's something to proud of.

First.  My husband and I re-watched Super Size Me.  We try to re-watch this from time to time to remind ourselves just how unhealthy fast food is, in spite of its convenience.  This is not a resolution.  It could be seen that way but because it is the two of us together we prefer to think of this one as a pact.  We promised each other that we would not eat any, that's right ANY fast food this year.  We can eat at restaurants with good and proper food cooked fresh.  Or we will cook our own at home.  (Yes we are allowing ourselves to eat french fries as long as we make them ourselves.)

As for my personal resolutions, I have decided to work on five things.

1.  I want to push myself to watch more movies that I am too scared to watch.  This may sound weird but I have a tendency to avoid movies if I think it will be too stressful, therefore limiting myself.  Limitations like that are for cowards and I refuse to be a coward.

2.  I want to push my fear away about my writing and finish what I've started.  I've joined a writing group and I plan to force myself to get feedback and face criticism and then put my stuff out there and get it published.

3.  I am getting in shape.  This is a fairly common one I know.  I had an operation last summer, at a time when I wasn't particularly healthy in the first place.  I was forced into a long, sedentary recovery.  But two months ago I joined a gym, paid for personal training and already have this one kick started.  I'm just saying I'm determined to see this through.

4.  I have determined that I am a lousy sport when playing board games, card games and the like.  I play not to lose, instead of allowing myself to be competitive and I seethe when I'm losing, which makes me not fun to play with.  I will learn to play to win and have fun while doing it, winning or losing.  GeekMom Rebecca Angel gave me the idea.

5.  I want to be true to myself.  I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal.  I love writing, making things, trying things and traveling.  I've left a lot of me behind to be a mother first and foremost for the past fifteen years.  Now that my youngest children are in primary school and I have the time to do it, I am resurfacing as an individual as well.  I like that.  I'm hanging on to it.

P.S. the word for Poetry Friday this week is LAME.


De said...

I didn't, really. I'm pretty much at the One Day at a Time phase, where there is so much going on that I'm happy for every day to be a new beginning, let alone every year.

I might miss Friday, if only because I am working on (which means thinking about but have not actually typed any words) Frost and Shadow still. But I already have an idea for Lame. Eventually, I'll get caught up!! I am resolved.

Lynnea said...

De, I'm looking forward to reading anything you post!