Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Hardest Time of Year

I find February in Quebec the toughest month of the year.  It is cold, there is a ton of snow, and I'm usually very tired of being inside.  This is the time of year that my mind wanders into spring, scheming up garden plans, looking forward to summer vacations and generally daydreaming.  This year, it seemed to pass quickly and I'm surprised to find March right around the corner.  Spring break for my kids starts next Monday and I'm looking forward to crafting and playing board games.  If March flies quickly enough, April will breeze in and we'll have a new member of the family with four feet.

My father-in-law happened to be at our house the other day and we were talking about the coming puppy.  He seems to have started ruminating on the idea some himself and we were looking in my big encyclopedia of dog breeds.  One dog I thought he and my mother-in-law might enjoy is a bulldog.  Our neighbor has one.  They are adorable in a stubby, gruffy looking way.  They are not overly active dogs, not too big and are friendly - requirements my parents-in-law were looking for.

My brain then mashed up thoughts of hating February's drag of wintertime and the bulldog.  Voila, a Poetry Friday word is born.  BULL.


De said...

I felt like winter was really speeding by, but March is always my longest month. Already there are events scheduled every weekend that are exhausting me just thinking about them. (of a social nature of course!). Wish we had a new dog to look forward to, and thats no bull.

Writing Glasses today!

jaded said...

We've had a mild winter, which feels like no winter with the exception of rain. I've already spread mulch, but I'm nervous about late freezes because plants are budding too early.

I've always wanted to draw a bulldog's face they have so much character and lend to stories about years that have yet to pass.