Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LEGO My Dinosaur

We are a LEGO family.  We often give LEGO sets to our kids as gifts and building LEGO bricks into anything we can think up is a common family activity.  Before I met my husband, I hadn't been much interested in LEGO building.  But the first time we sat down with our young children and a giant box of miscellaneous bricks, I fell in love.  For many years I've been content to build free-form with our collection, creating strange looking vehicles, spaceships, buildings.   But I've never owned my own set.

I had often looked at the sets in the store and tried to find one that I might want, but nothing ever seemed to grab me.  But one day, I don't know exactly what did it, I got a hankering to get my first LEGO set and nothing would get in my way.  My husband and I visited three stores before I found a set that I wanted.  I would not settle for just anything.  At the third store, I saw the new Dino line released this year.  The vehicles in this line have a rugged, fun look to them.  I loved the size of the tires - an often needed part for our building.

So I bought my first set of LEGO this year

Now it's just a fight to keep my kids from absconding with my super jungle jeep and triceratops.


De said...

I probably shouldn't tell you, but my niece is an art director there. She's working on the TMNT line that is coming out.

Some of the figures from Christmastime have started shedding parts and it has become difficult to vacuum.

Lynnea said...

you lucky dog! my 7 yo has decided he wants to be a LEGO inventor when he grows up (making up new sets). I know about the small pieces, whenever I sweep, I find these tiny little pieces floating around. I make sure to always wear jeans with pockets when I sweep, =)