Monday, February 06, 2012

Poetry Friday: Mouse

A poem for mouse:

I Choose

Oh to be a mouse in the corner
and hide from the glare of your deceit.
To take to shadows, under honest feet
I could cower out of burning reach.

Ah to be a mouse in your mirror
watching what you deign to adore,
to close my eyes against knowing's gore
to shrink, recede, embrace ignored.

Oh to be a mouse without horror
to live among those of my choosing
and wake somewhere other than mourning,
to give and give again without losing.

I to be a mouse with a mouse's honor
and walk along a cloudless meadow,
breathe an air from under your shadow,
to feel again, to rage it out in wanton bellow.

Ah to be a mouse no longer
I cast you off, your winter's tower
I take no blows of your wasted hours
I shirk the shadow and spurn to cower.

Oh to be a mouse with a lion's roar
I choose to be a mouse no more.


De said...

I love going through the transformation you have created here.

My favorite image is of the mouse in the field ( though perhaps because I have been ruminating in a combo of "watch" and "mouse," and keep come back to a hawk over the field )

meno said...

I got caught up in the darkness on this one. I like it.