Monday, February 20, 2012

Poetry Friday Word

Poetry Friday word for the week:  Glasses

I recently bought new ones.  Glasses.  In fact, I needed two pair.  I was wearing tri-focals.  Yes, tri.  I hated them.  I loathed the frames, they fell off my head if I so much as inclined my neck.  They were uncomfortable.  I only chose the frames because I was told that I had to buy a certain kind that would hold a certain size lens.  I detested the graduated three levels of lens.  I despised everything about those glasses.  So when I told the eye doctor I would no longer wear tri-focals, and no bi-focals were not an option either, she said, "Man you really hated those things."  Bingo!

Now I wear one pair of glasses, of my choosing, for every day use so I don't run into walls or drive down one way streets, that sort of thing.  I wear another pair for reading and sitting for inordinately long periods of time in front of the computer (who doesn't?).  Let me tell you something, the convenience of one pair of glasses for everything cannot, at all, compare to the sheer comfort of wearing exactly what you choose.  I will remove, replace and carry around extra glasses till kingdom come before I go back to graduated lenses and ridiculously large frames.  Bleh.

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De said...

I am on my second pair of bifocals. They are much better than the last pair in that the reading glass portion is actually strong enough to help! However, I nearly injured myself running around on the soccer field Saturday because I was looking down at an angle. I agree that distinct pairs of glasses are easier than trying to do it all with one pair. Live and learn ...