Friday, March 23, 2012

Poetry Friday: Glow

Vital I

counter height of yours
could intimidate me.
counter countering my small.
my small which was never small.
hallowed smell of your low-pile
carpets. carpets of any pile
piled up steps of sanctimonious.
songs of a piano
but never the pianist.
songs sung in every key
at every lip and every keyhole
songs of the key-dom.
building a building full of
made up reverence.
a reverence built on buildings
of words.
words that hurt, that stupefy
that coddle.
words that force honor
on the few. there is the few and
then there is few. here is few.
you're blocking my glow.
an epic glow extending beyond
the crush of control.
control of no one for this one.
this I, this no, this know.
Decision Maker I.
Lover I. Vital I.

1 comment:

jaded said...

whoa. This is heavy and light at the same moment.