Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poetry Friday Word

Isn't technology fascinating?  Specifically I was thinking about how it has changed language and even the way we look at language.  Twenty years ago if you asked someone what a LOL was or LOL cat they would have thought you were insane.  In more recent changes, the words tweet and pin have taken on whole new meanings. Then there are the words that never existed before now like wordle or facebook.  I love language.  This time in history I think could affect lovers of words and language in two distinct ways.  Either they're going to hate this or they're going to love this.  I love it.  I am thoroughly fascinated by the rapid changes in communication we see happening, and I wonder often what will come next that we hadn't expected.

And at this point in this post, you might be wondering what the heck the word for Poetry Friday is.  I wonder if you could guess?  Or might I just say that is it any wonder that I would pick this particular word?

I wonder.

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