Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You're Too Old!

LEGO art by Nathan Sawaya exhibit at The Stamford Museum & Nature Center

Recently my husband received a comment on his Youtube page about his videos using LEGO bricks to make prototype robots.  The comment basically said, Aren't you too old for LEGOs?

I could go on and on just about LEGOs but the thing is, why does anyone have to be too old for anything?  Case in point, I love to swing.  It makes me feel young and full of possibilities.  What's wrong with that?  As long as the swing doesn't break of course.  I know there are many adult women who collect dolls - how is that any different than using LEGOs as an adult?  What about comic books and action figures?  Tons of adults buy comics and action figures.  They're not being childish.  There are some things I don't buy into but that doesn't mean other people shouldn't.  I'm not big on cosplay, but why shouldn't someone else be?

When people try to tell someone they are too old for something, I think there is something underlying there.  Perhaps a need to feel superior?  Perhaps a fear of looking stupid?  Whatever the reason, in my book it's just plain silly to try to pigeon hole people or activities.  If fingerpainting were something only children do, we'd miss out on a vast amount of great art.

If RC cars were only for kids, we wouldn't have some pretty awesome robots which are going to change the world for the better.

So chill out and maybe have some fun instead of worrying about age appropriate rules.


jaded said...

Those offering the designation "childish" are often lacking in humor.

Lynnea said...

Jaded, you hammered that nailhead!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, why does anyone care? Lego are wonderful toys for kids, adults, boys, girls, or even pets. They can pose a choking hazard though, be safe.

I absolutely love swinging. It's fun to get up over the bar and for that brief second, feel weightless. It's a truly awesome feeling. Good for you. Let's go swinging sometime. Oh, that might be confusing. Carry on.

Lynnea said...

Lessinges, you're on! As long as you mean the swinging that happens on a playground ;-)