Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Act Like Actors

My husband and I have this recurring conversation in which we compare actors of old like Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, who had talent for multiple things and actors of today, trying to predict who will be the multi-faceted big star of the upcoming and current actors.  One actor whose career we esteem as one of those rare talents is Tom Hanks.  The man can do just about anything.  Another I find multi-talented is Meryl Streep.  (I recently watched The Iron Lady and had that belief re-confirmed.)  We have watched George Clooney and especially Brad Pitt blossom into those actors that deftly grace the silver screen in so many types of roles that you can almost always count on a great movie if they are in it - or at least a great performance from them.  On the female side we also respect Laura Linney's work, notably in Breach and John Adams.
Some upcoming talents?  I think I'll keep my eye on Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pine to name a couple.  How about you, who do you think will be the next multi-talent mega actor of our time?

P.S. The Poetry Friday word for this week:  Act

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jaded said...

Talent & Mega don't always go hand in hand. In the talent department, I enjoy catherine keener (sp?), aaron eckhart, marsha gay harden, patricia clarkson, andtilda swinton.