Thursday, April 05, 2012

How you Can Judge a Book by Its Cover and What If?

Chipp Kidd
This is a great TED.  Take a look when you have the time.  You will laugh.  That's not a command, just a hope.  Seriously, it's funny.

I will give you the synopsis.  Chip Kidd has worked for Knopff Publishing for many years making the cover art for books.  He makes the case for judging a book by its cover - it is after all his job to encapsulate what the book is in that one illustrative representation on the jacket.  But he also makes a case for physical books over e-books.  He recognizes the value that e-books offer, but claims the preference for physical books and expounds their loss as losing a bit of our humanity.  OK, I can dig that.  In fact, I have long been reluctant to give up my utter addiction for physical books.  I am one of those people who smell books, finger them, ruffle the pages.  Get me in a book store and I'm practically insane if I can't touch a book.  Ever been in a comic book store and seen those books (especially the hardbound ones for me) which are covered in plastic and you can't get at them?  Makes me crazy.  

All that having been said, what if e-books could offer you something far beyond what a physical book can?  What if there were an e-book that changed the way you experience books?  Because I happen to know two people working toward that goal right now.  Keep coming back here and I may just be leaving more droplets of tantalizing information about how e-books could revolutionize the way you think of books.


De said...

I'm supposed to be working right now, so I'll have to listen later. However, I wanted to say that the other day when I cleaned my attic I spent the entire day listening to TED talks. It really made the task bearable.

Clowncar said...

despite my putting my own stuff on ebooks, I still read the paper ones. weird, eh?

De said...

So, I listened. He was pretty funny and I like to see the creative process explained. I'm curious about your allusion.

jaded said...

I read both. Mostly, I rely on the library. I use my ipod to borrow my husband's e-books. I still buy books but I would rather check them out than accumulate them.

I hope that technology will one day harness the power to make heavily illustrated books more accessible and easier to navigate.